Morbius’s “Spider-man” Easter Egg Advises To Share The Universe


An important spider-man Easter egg in Sony’s Morbius movie portrays him as a possible version of Tony Stark – which is important to their shared world.

Sony’s Morbius has a delicate spider-man Easter egg that can make the movie an important part of Sony’s shared universe. Morbius, who played the title vampire Jared Leto, is one of the most exciting superhero films to be released this year. Many viewers have wondered why Michael Morbius has nothing to do with the Venom exhibit – a priority for Sony.

Morbius’s trailers made Morbius laugh as a black anti-hero who cures a rare blood disorder, instead turning him into a vampire. Interestingly, the trailer often featured Spider-Man, including graffiti depicting Spider-Man as a killer. Recent trailers show Morbius touring the city horizon with the Horizon Labs logo in the background. In the comics, Horizon is credited with exploring advanced technology and even hiring Peter Parker for a while. It was usually thought to be nothing more than an Easter egg, but it could be a really important plot point.

“This MCU is not a well-oiled car,Some people like it, but for many it’s hard to keep up.”

Unlike the films produced by Marvel Studios and directed by President Kevin Fage, Morbius is the third Sony film based on the Marvel character, which appeared in the company’s latest attempt to create a common universe. Although Venom and its sequel Let There Be Carnage received mixed reviews, many fans and even critics liked the latest film. And both films performed well at the box office, so it’s no surprise that they were talking about Venom 3.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man: No Way Home ended a very successful trilogy under the direction of Tom Holland, breaking left and right records. Although this is a Sony movie and the studio demands a profit, Marvel Studios has made movies effectively. Morbius tried to cash in on some of this goodwill, trailers, including Spidey, and portraying Adrian Thoms from Michael Keaton’s “Spider-Man: Coming Home.” But these MCU moments are not in Morbius either and seem to have been used only for the trailer.

Sony has started promoting Morbius on its official Daily Bugle TikTok account. A recent video of Nick Marina, an intern on social media, shows him discussing Michael Morbius’ refusal of a scientific award. Discussing Morbius, he points out that he is the world’s leading expert on blood diseases, the inventor of “synthetic blood” and, in fact, the director of “reputable Horizon Labs.” Morbius tries to control his vampire mutation with Horizon technology, possibly using this synthetic blood. This is a very interesting step, because in comics Horizon Labs connects Morbius with Spider-Man.

Morbius clearly understands the idea – but adapted it to some extent, and Horizon became a private company of Morbius. This may explain why Sony prefers Morbius; because his role as director of Horizon Labs makes him a powerful player in the shared world. He is a man who has access to advanced technology that can weave any number into the history of origin, both for heroes and for evil people. Interestingly, Sony believes that they will soon be considering their upcoming “Madame Web Movie” to install the “Doctor Strange” version, but Morbius may be their answer to Tony Stark. Morbius has never played such an important role in comics, but this twist of Horizon Labs shows that Sony may have a real ambition for its future.