‘Morbius’: why the Marvel movie had the potential to have been a great superhero and horror movie

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Going for Sony’s Spider-Man villain universe to secure its half of the rights to the character and take advantage of the newfound success in the wake of Tom Holland’s films was an odd idea from the get-go, but in and of itself it’s not. such a big nonsense. The problem is that a film like ‘Morbius’ makes it very difficult to believe that behind the proposal there is some plan beyond riding the wave of popularity of the main character and scraping crumbs.

Already the two ‘Venom‘ movies are a great missed opportunity, but at least those played with humor from time to time to save their bad decisions with a character that could work within a horror film framework. Yet ‘Morbius’ reaches a new level of laziness and collision of arbitrary commercial elements lined up to keep an adaptation of ‘The Living Vampire’ from the best version of it. To say that it is bad is to attenuate reality.

Fangless vampire movies
Starting from that great stumbling block, almost any tangent possibility is an escape route for a great movie. The need to have a star limits the horrific power of the monstrous vampire, and even more so if Jared Leto with a messianic complex is the canvas on which to add the monstrous effects. The idea of ​​making a superhero movie with a creature of the night could create an interesting hybrid, there you have the ‘Blade’ movies from 20 years ago.

Rare when a film without fantastic elements like Batman manages better to border on horror movies. In ‘Morbius’ we have an archetypal gothic idea of ​​a doomed mad doctor, bringing together the idea of ​​Jekyll and Hyde with that of other potion and transformation monsters. It’s not uncommon in Marvel either, and we have The Incredible Hulk or the Lizard, who could be Dr. Michael’s lab partner.

In reality, the world of Spider-Man is always full of guys who self-inflicted all kinds of mutations to fix some health brown, or his family, a classic of the Mad Doctors movies that reigns in the first cinema of classic horror. In other words, the world around Spider-Man is a circus of freaks, creature men and other vermin that have always been very well in tune with the world of classic horror.

Timid attempts to bring ideas to a specific place
in troubled times’ – faced and in love by the same woman while they must fight with their condition as monsters. The problem is that this translates to a template script that becomes a minimal skeleton to place the appropriate scenes.

Very lackluster action and minimal fuss to integrate the CGI that translates into the invention of a digital smoke that supposedly passes the vampire DNA and is actually just a trick to make up the actors in motion without defining the silhouettes, saving valuable time in post-production. Quite a sign of routine mechanisms to get out of trouble and present the minimum of a film that the last thing to worry about is whether it has a horror tone or not.

However, it does let us see a small scene in a hospital corridor in which a vampire lurks in the dark, with good use of darkness but repeating something seen a thousand times. We could say that it is almost traced to the vampire movie ‘Frostbitten’ (2006), but it is only necessary to go to ‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City’ to see the same elements in action a few months ago. However, that is where a safe conduct for that potential terror could be found.

Neither superhero nor horror
The character of Matt Smith is capable of being both menacing and funny, and the whole transformation process of him is taken for granted. More mystery as far as the murders that take place and other set pieces similar to the death of the nurse would help. However, the group decided to throw in the confrontation formula of ‘Hidden Youth’ (1988), whose flagship song by The Doors appeared here in its trailer, however, in that one there was a great balance of comedy and terror, and in this case boils down to replaying the final showdown from ‘The Werewolf’ (2010) a couple of times.