Morbius Movie Review: I think Jared Leto should not play Superhero Movies


After playing the Joker in the DC Universe, American actor Jared Leto has now crossed over to Marvel, in the movie Morbius by playing Dr. Michael Morbius.

We all know that Jared as Joker is really lacking, hehehe. Will he survive in Marvel and make people forget his past role which deserves to be forgotten?

Previously, the first acquaintance with this Morbius. This figure is known as “The Living Vampire ” in the comics.

Morbius is told as a doctor who has spent his life looking for drugs to treat a rare blood disorder that afflicts him.

But instead of being cured, he turned himself into a monster that thirsts for human blood.

How come? So going back 25 years, young Michael and his friend Lucien show up with the same blood disorder.

They immediately became close and Michael immediately gave his friend the nickname ‘Milo’.

Unfortunately, with all the marketing and promotions for this movie, including the figure of Jared Leto as a class A Hollywood actor, they still couldn’t save Morbius.

HI, I have to admit, I didn’t enjoy watching Morbius.

For example, in the scene where Morbius moves fast while moving around, followed by color dust. It does look cool, but unfortunately it’s never really explained in detail how it came from.

The storyline which is fast and not so deep is also another minus in this Marvel movie by Daniel Espinosa.

Like a pair of FBI agents looking for Morbius , even experienced some plot developments that made the audience a bit confused.

In addition, the platonic relationship between Martine Bancroft (Adria Arjona) and Michael , who was originally just a co-worker, actually confused the audience because a romance scene appeared at the end of the movie. It’s a bit pricey.

Maybe on the positive side, this almost two hour long movie does feel really fast, but the only cinematic scene that deserves a thumbs up from this movie is just when the mercenaries are trying to kill this vampire.

But overall, Leto and Smith’s efforts to play the role of being disabled should be appreciated, especially when the scene where their legs healed kept recurring.

Hi, I can only say nice try to Jared Leto . But maybe think about it first if you get an offer to play in a superhero movie.

Anyway, you can enjoy Leto’s action in Morbius as of March 30th in theaters. Don’t forget to watch until the end of the post-credits!