Morbius Movie Review 2022 – A Doctor Becomes a Vampire Due to His Own Experiment

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Marvel Studios has released its newest movie, Morbius 2022 a doctor who became a vampire due to his own experiments.

It is not yet certain whether Morbius is a villain or will become an antihero like Deadpool or even if he is a superhero like Spiderman, Captain America and the Hulk who have inner strength.

Morbius Movie will provide a review that is attempted not to contain spoilers or cut scenes so as not to reduce the enjoyment of the audience later.

The movie Morbius features a line of well-known players, one of whom is Jared Leto who plays Doctor Michael Morbius.

Besides Leto, Morbius also stars Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, and others.

This Morbius movie feels a lot lighter than the recent Marvel movies, which are seasoned with various theories and easter eggs.

During the movie the audience will easily understand the elements of cause and effect in the movie. There is no need for theory to understand a simple storyline that is very comfortable to watch.

Morbius also displays sadistic scenes when vampires attack several people, so far, sadistic scenes from the new Marvel Universe are in Deadpool.

Unfortunately, the Morbius movie doesn’t feel like it has ties to Marvel and seems to be present only as a complement.

Apart from the credit scene, there are no other elements that make the movie ‘very Marvel’.

Maybe if there are no ‘frills’ Marvel , the movie can be enjoyed as a stand-alone movie. The audience expectations definitely lead to the Marvel -style production process .

The cinematography is pretty good, although some of the CGI feels a bit sloppy.

Morbius is still worth watching because he will only be connected with other Marvel movies . Don’t be in a hurry to leave because Morbius has 2 credit scenes.


Morbius Movie Trailer Officially Released, Watch Jared Leto Action Become a Vampire and Michael Keaton Cameo

After the success of the Venom movie, Sony and Marvel Studios second effort this year is to work on the Morbius movie .

Now Sony has given its first look at footage from the movie with an official teaser Morbius trailer.

In this movie, Jared Leto will play Dr. Michael Morbius , a scientist who is trying to cure himself of a blood disease.

This disease causes Morbius to develop vampire-like powers.