Morbius: Creepy Vampire Review with Bad CGI


Jared Leto seems to have to rethink his luck in the world of superheroes. After failing to play the Joker in DC’s Suicide Squad , Jared hopes to get some light at Marvel with Sony’s Morbius . The result? Morbius is an interesting character. The premise is also quite promising to be an exciting spectacle. Morbius is an origin film that should leave audiences satisfied and eager to continue watching the live vampire act in the world of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (SSU) .

Unfortunately, the poor execution makes this film tasteless. At all. For 1 hour and 50 minutes, no moment is too good to remember and too bad to be criticised. This film is really a potato, so you don’t feel anything when watching it. Just flat .

Morbius tells the story of Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) who has suffered from a rare blood disease since he was a child. When he was about 12 years old, he met a boy named Lucian who also had an illness that required him to continue to receive blood transfusions. Michael then moved to New York because he got a scholarship for his intelligent brain.

Decades later, Michael becomes a doctor who continues to try to find a cure for his illness. He then experimented with bat DNA. The experiment was successful. He’s healed. But, as a side effect, he became a bloodthirsty vampire. He also had to try to suppress his desire to drink human blood.

The premise is quite interesting because it provides an overview of the latest spectacle that has many elements that can be sold. Vampires and their bloodlust make for an action-packed horror spectacle. Unfortunately, the horror in this film doesn’t even have a taste.

The trailer of this film also gives a pretty good picture of the crazy actions of a living vampire. However, many scenes in the trailer are not even in the film. Even though a number of scenes in the trailer seem to promise Morbius’ action on a high scale with the presence of the police there.

The most disturbing thing in this film is the use of CGI. Almost all attack scenes involving vampires use this CGI. In fact, CGI is also used to show echolocation capabilities which is really annoying because this film feels like a cheesy film.

Moreover, in the fight scene between Morbius and Lucian. Because the effects used in this film plus the use of slow motion which is actually unnecessary, makes the scene unattractive. The climax scene in this film seems to be just a thing of the past because it is not memorable at all.

The storytelling of this film also seems chaotic. After completing the “mission” to make Michael a living vampire, this film seems to have lost its way. The story is not too focused and even stuck, can’t go anywhere. Focus on the figure of Michael was not too focused. After becoming a vampire, Michael doesn’t seem to be making any more breakthroughs.