Moon Knight Beats WandaVision’s Audience


The Moon Knight series has officially released its first episode via the Disney+ Hotstar streaming service on March 30, 2022. The series involving Oscar Isaac has received a fairly positive response from critics and ordinary viewers. In fact, the number of viewers from the first episode managed to beat a number of Marvel series that were released in 2021, you know!

Based on data from Samba TV, Moon Knight managed to reach a total of 1.8 million viewers on the Disney+ service within five days of showing its first episode. That number managed to beat a number of Marvel series that have been released previously. For example, the WandaVision series with 1.6 million viewers and Hawkeye 1.5 million viewers in the first five days of broadcasting the episode.

In addition, Moon Knight can also equate the number of viewers with the series Falcon and Winter Soldier which also got a total of 1.8 million viewers in its first episode. However, the position of the Marvel series with the most viewers in its first episode is still held by Loki, who has a total of 2.5 million viewers in five days of release.

The number of 1.8 million viewers that was achieved by the Moon Knight series in its first episode was actually quite surprising. Because, the superhero named Marc Spector is a new character who has never appeared in a number of films or MCU series before. However, it seems that the audience is actually more interested in seeing the action of new characters in the MCU universe.

Just a reminder, this series tells the story of Marc Spector, a mercenary who becomes a follower of the Ancient Egyptian God named Khonshu. The god also gave Marc the ability to become a superhero named Moon Knight to eradicate evil. The series will have a total of six episodes, each of which is released every Wednesday on the Disney+ Hotstar service.