Moon Knight: 5 Differences Steven Grant Comics & Series!

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Moon Knight is a series that is part of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) franchise. The series stars actor Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, an avatar of the Egyptian god Khonshu who makes him a vigilante superhero known as the Moon Knight. Marc is different from other superhero characters in that he has dissociative identity disorder. With this disorder, he also has a dual personality which eventually creates a character in him named Steven Grant.

In the Moon Knight series, Marc and Steven have very different characteristics, and opposites. Marc is briefly described as an assassin who can fight, and is good at using a variety of weapons, while Steven is a smart man who only works at the British Museum in London. On the other hand, Steven’s character in this series also has many differences from the original version in the original comic, starting from his personality, status and abilities.

Marvel Studios seems to change this in a neat way, and allows fans to still enjoy Steven’s character without losing his original character. Throughout the Moon Knight series, the MCU version of Steven Grant must also be admitted to look impressive, and attract attention. Then, what are the differences between the comic version of Steven Grant and the Moon Knight series? Geeks, here’s the full discussion!

The first major difference from the comic version of Steven Grant and the series is wealth. In the original story, Steven looks very rich, and he looks more like Bruce Wayne. He lives in a luxurious apartment decorated with various kinds of books. Thanks to Steven’s financial skills, Marc was finally able to buy various gadgets needed to strengthen Moon Knight.

Steven Grant in the MCU is described as more down to earth, and has a fairly simple life. Every day he became a worker in a souvenir shop in a London museum. He lives alone in his mother’s modest apartment. However, his intelligence in understanding Ancient Egyptian civilization made him an impressive character.

Charismatic Charm
While in the Moon Knight series, Steven was like a smart nerd, and seemed charming. But, unfortunately he is awkward to interact with the people around him. Like an introvert, Steven also lives alone, and the only person he can talk to is a golden statue that he always meets when he comes home from work.

In the comics, Steven is a billionaire, philanthropist, and also a playboy. His personality even looks almost the same as Tony Stark aka Iron-Man. Steven also has good socialization skills, and is able to interact with a number of important figures in the community, and at the same time is smart when conducting business transactions.

Intellectually Smart
In the MCU, Steven Grant is an amazing academic, and he can read Macedonian and Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. In addition, he can also speak foreign languages ​​other than English, one of which is French. Then, Steven has a nimble intellectual level when he can solve puzzles to find the location of the tomb of Lord Ammit.

Meanwhile, in the comics, Steven isn’t exactly “stupid.” Although not as smart as the MCU version, the characters are still smart with different goals. As a billionaire who is very rich, he certainly needs intelligence in doing business, and also a lot of knowledge to make him a successful entrepreneur.

Hate Khonshu
Steven Grant in the comics has a pretty good relationship with the Egyptian god Khonshu. However, there are some moments that make them less friendly. One was when Steven allied with other personalities, including Jake Lockley, to banish Khonshu from their minds. Even so, Steven’s relationship with Khonshu went well for a long period of time.

On the other hand, in the MCU, Khonshu openly called Steven Grant a fool, and didn’t want to make him the Moon Knight. He prefers Marc Spector to always be his most trusted avatar. In the end, Steven also dislikes Khonshu after Marc reveals that he intends to make Layla the next avatar to become the Moon Knight.

Mr. Knight
Mr. Knight is Steven Grant’s superhero persona as one of the multiple personalities of Marc Spector. In the Moon Knight series, this character appears after Steven summons the power of Khonshu because he is under pressure, and is afraid of being chased by a wolf monster. Mr. Knight has an eccentric appearance with an all-white suit ranging from a suit, pants, mask, to shoes.

Mr. Knight in the comics, and the MCU both look stunning, and also attract attention. The difference, Mr. Knight is actually an alter ego that is still owned by Marc Spector, but in this series the figure is directly tied to Steven Grant. With the figure of Mr. The knight in Steven, he also has a capable fighting ability, and his strength is not inferior to Marc’s Moon Knight.

That’s it geeks some of the differences between the comic version of Steven Grant and the MCU. These differences are of course presented to make the story more interesting and look fresh. So according to geeks, what’s the difference between the comic version of Steven Grant and the MCU?