‘Moon Knight’ (1×02): Steven Grant is quite a dandy in a good episode in which we discover who the hell Marc is


As our beloved Barney Stinson would say for so many episodes , “Suit up!” . Of course, in ‘ Moon Knight ‘ (‘Moon Knight’) putting on the suit (invoking it) has other implications and obligations. But let’s not advance events and see what happened in the second episode of the Disney + series .

By the way, from here on there will be spoilers for ‘Invoke the Suit’, episode 1×02 of ‘Moon Knight’.

Written by Michael Kastelein and directed by the duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead , this entire second episode revolves around one question: who the hell is Marc? Of course he is not the only question but the key to the rest.

The next morning

There is a detail that catches my attention during this presentation of Layla and it is the look she gives to the rearview mirrors . Although it may simply be a shot without much background, it could be an indication that the mysterious young woman also has a condition similar to that of Steven / Marc.

Being someone who is not based on any comic book character (or, at the moment, that is what they tell us), the writers have a lot of leeway with her. However, there is a theory (by coincidence in name) that it is actually the MCU version of Layla Miller , the young mutant capable of unlocking or restoring memories and manipulated identities as in ‘Dynasty of M’ (‘House of M’), where he debuted. Although thematically it would fit, at the moment it is still a hypothesis.

The Ammit Commune

The last act of the episode takes us to the commune that Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) has set up in the middle of London. There we continue to get a better idea of ​​the lore we are moving through . We also know something more about this Khonshu and how his concept of justice is far from that proposed by the rival goddess Ammit.

The conversation between Steven and Arthur turns in this direction: revenge / punishment for the act committed or preventive justice and nip the threat in the bud? And another topic: to what extent does the avatar of a god have freedom? Are they mere servants used in crusades and divine whims?

Steven finds himself suddenly choosing between what he doesn’t want and what he hates. Circumstances force him to invoke the suit… but not wanting to give control to Marc we have the dandy suit, the one from the Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey stage. Bad choice, it seems, but he’ll soon be forced to hand over to Spector, with a bit more action in this fight.

After the relevant fight with a jackal invisible to human eyes, the episode closes with Harrow finding the scarab beetle and Steven/Marc on the floor of a hotel. Welcome to Egypt .

The second part of the pilot

Despite being written and directed by different people, watching the first two episodes together makes it feel like we’ve been on a long-running television “pilot . ”

Of these that are either broadcast without a solution of continuity or are split in two and are broadcast in a row. Perhaps if these first two had been released on Disney + the same week, we would not have the feeling of having two weeks of presentations. Because they are presentations, not revelations. Those will come later. Or at least we hope so.

In any case, this second episode I think works quite well in what is proposed. It has rhythm despite the fact that it becomes a bit heavy as it progresses. Now we will have to see what awaits us in Egypt.