(Moon Knight) 10 Easter Eggs and Interesting References Episode 5

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I can’t believe it, the Moon Knight series now only has one episode left and will end next week. In the previous episode, Marc and Layla had managed to find the “key” that could thwart Arthur Harrow’s plan to resurrect the Goddess Ammit.

Unfortunately, because Khonshu is already trapped in the statue, Marc doesn’t have any superpowers and can’t summon his Moon Knight costume. Finally, Arthur managed to shoot Marc. Finally, Marc wakes up in a mental hospital and meets a hippopotamus who turns out to be Dewi Tawaret.

Well, in this fifth episode, the audience can see how Dewi Tawaret takes Marc and Steven to the afterlife. As per Ancient Egyptian mythology, their hearts were weighed and had to be balanced in order to be accepted into “heaven”. However, the scales are constantly moving. Marc and Steven finally open up to each other by tracing the various memories and traumas from childhood that shaped their personalities.

As usual, the creators don’t forget to include various easter eggs and interesting references in this fifth episode, both from comics and real life. What’s the list? Take a look below!

1. Marc with plaster on his nose, New York accent, and more aggressive actions, a sign of Jake Lockley’s presence?

In a mental hospital, Marc questions whether what he’s been experiencing is real or just a fantasy. Marc suddenly went “crazy” in front of dr. Arthur Harrow.

His accent changed from Marc’s American accent to a New York accent. Marc was even more “aggressive” by preparing to stab Arthur with a sharp object. Not only that, the scene also shows Marc with a plaster on his nose.

Some fans suspect that the character is actually Jake Lockley, another personality from Marc. You see, in the comics, Jake is one of the most brutal figures. He also has a lot of criminal acquaintances in New York so his actions and accent have fans wondering if this is Jake.

As in the third episode, Jake’s presence seems to have been teased with the scene of Marc suddenly waking up and killing many people. What do you think?

2. The Ancestral Plane that Tawaret mentions is a reference to the afterlife of Wakanda in Black Panther (2018)

When welcoming Marc and Steven on a journey to the afterlife, Tawaret explains that this Duat desert is not the only afterlife. The figure in the form of a hippopotamus with ancient Egyptian ornaments also briefly compared Duat to the “Ancestral Plane” which is another version of the afterlife in the world of Wakanda.

This afterlife is likened to the scene in Black Panther (2018 ) when T’Challa “died” and met his father in a purple realm.

3. The name of Crawley that Marc finally mentioned

At first, Marc did not believe what Tawaret explained about the afterlife. He thought he was still in a mental hospital.

Maybe Crawley is behind this door mentioning bingo,” Marc said as he opened one of the doors.

He was surprised to see that they were indeed on the boat and on their way to the afterlife. Well, this moment is the first time Crawley’s name is mentioned.

In the comics, Crawley is a statue human figure who becomes Marc’s informant and friend. This Crawley figure also briefly appeared as a statue of Steven’s best friend in the first and second episodes, and appeared as a bingo reader in a mental hospital in the fourth episode.

4. QR Code on one of Marc .’s memory room doors

In previous episodes, Marvel distributed free e-comic by inserting a QR code in one of the scenes. This time, viewers can get their hands on the Moon Knight issue #1 from 1980. The QR code is on a door in the scene when Marc and Steven browse through the memory rooms.

5. A picture of a one -finned goldfish by Marc’s brother reminds me of Gus, Steven’s pet fish

In one of his childhood memories, Marc laughed at his younger brother, Randall, who drew a fish with only one fin. Of course, this immediately reminded the audience of Gus, Steven’s pet fish who also only has one fin. Well, in the end, this one-finned fish image from Randall was taped to Marc’s bedroom wall.