‘Monthly House’ Is Prepared To Be Broadcast As A Substitute For ‘Law School’ In The Wednesday-Thursday Night Slot. This JTBC Drama Is Scheduled To Air To Entertain The Audience Starting June 16.


Another South Korean drama that will soon greet the audience in mid-June 2021. The drama is none other than JTBC ‘s ” Monthly House ” starring Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk .

Apart from the fact that the main couple’s acting is unquestionable, “Monthly House” has a number of other reasons to enter WowKeren’s recommendation list . About anything? Read more below:

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1. Main Couple
Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk are known to have starred in many popular dramas. Jung So Min is noted to have starred in ” The Sound of Your Heart “, ” My Father is Strange “, ” Because This Is My First Life “, ” Hundred Million Stars From the Sky ” to ” Soul Mechanic “.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji Suk also has a series of drama acting experiences such as ” Another Miss Oh “, ” The Rebel “, ” 20th Century Boy and Girl “,

Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk have also previously competed in acting in the drama ” You Came to Me and Became a Star ” which was released by MBC in 2013. Until now, the chemistry between the two in “Monthly House” has been highly anticipated by the audience.

2. Screenwriter
The script for “Monthly House” will be worked on by Myung Soo Hyun, who previously successfully worked on ” Rude Miss Young Ae ” and ” Drinking Solo “. The writer will work with director Lee Chang Min who is popular through the drama ” Welcome to Waikiki “.

We hope that while watching them, viewers will receive bright energy and also feel heart palpitations. Please show lots of interest in the upcoming first episode. .”

3. Dramatic Plot
“Monthly House” follows the story of Na Young Won (Jung So Min) who thinks that a house is a place to live and Yoo Ja Sung (Kim Ji Suk) who thinks that a house is only to be bought. (In Korean, “stay” and “buy” can be pronounced the same way.)

“Monthly House” carries the theme “My House”, a topic that is attracting attention in South Korea at the moment, and raises issues that accompany housing related to justice and will.

Na Young Won is an average office worker who has worked for about 10 years as an editor for a lifestyle magazine. Even though he had been paying high rents for about 10 years, he saw his house as a place filled with all his emotions.

But for Yoo Ja Sung, home is just a means of growing property and a place to sleep. He believes that the only way to get rich in Korea is through real estate.

4. Netizen Comments
“Monthly House” immediately received a positive response as soon as it was announced that Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk were the main couple. This drama sparked more curiosity after a series of posters, photos of scenes and teasers of the players were released by the production team.

I like dramas starring Jung So Min, especially romantic comedies. I feel the vibe of the drama ‘Because This Is My First Life’ again from this drama,” wrote a netizen.

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“I like romantic comedy kdrama set in the daily life of a modern city, especially with a proportional cast like this. Both the main actors and actresses are pro veterans, the male lead is older and taller than the female lead, really fulfills my satisfaction from romcom kdrama,” concluded the other netizens.

5. Showtimes
“Monthly House” is prepared to air as a substitute for ” Law School ” in the Wednesday-Thursday night slot. The drama, which also stars Jung Gun Joo, is scheduled to air to entertain the audience starting June 16.
Please stay alert until the story begins with the first broadcast.” Don’t miss watching it.