Monika PROWDMON’s Busy Schedule Because The Popularity Of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ Is In The Spotlight


A Post On An Online Forum Shared 15 Different Media Activities That PROWDMON Leader Monika Went Through After Gaining Popularity From ‘Street Woman Fighter’.

It is undeniable, ” Street Woman Fighter ” is one of the hottest survival programs in South Korea today. The popularity of this program was also felt by the participants, one of which was Monika, the leader of the PROWDMON team .

On Saturday, a post on an online forum shared 15 different media activities that Monika went through after gaining popularity from “Street Woman Fighter”. First he was a guest on Mnet’s ” TMI News ” program.

Next, Monika underwent a photo shoot for ELLE Korea in November. Another activity is being an advertising model for iPhone 13 Pro promotional videos. Monika also promotes pop-up stores from the Coach and PRADA brands.

Not only that, Monika also participated in the promotion of the video for the city of Seoul, became a Tire model and took a photo shoot with W Korea magazine. Another activity of this beautiful woman is being a guest on a radio program.

Together with her partner LipJ , Monika also did a photo shoot with Cosmopolitan Korea, F/W Lookbook for ‘Salon de Seoul’, appeared in the music video and Lee Hi’s comeback featuring the song “Red Lipstick” to appear in the video call program ” Hangout with Yoo “.

Monika is also reportedly scheduled to take part in the ” Point of Omniscient Interfere ” program. Another magazine that collaborates with Monika is Marie Claire Korea for the November issue. Monika’s success has drawn attention from South Korean netizens.

“I hope he becomes more successful. I love him so much,” wrote one netizen. “I know he will be the most successful of the show lol,” concluded another netizen.

Meanwhile, “Street Woman Fighter” has entered the semifinals which will eliminate two of the remaining 6 teams. The four teams will compete in the final round for prize money and advertising contracts. Don’t miss watching it.

Colored By Controversy, ‘Street Woman Fighter’ Is Criticized For Losing Its Initial Essence

‘Street Woman Fighter’ Initially Received Good Reviews Because It Put The Spotlight On Female Dancers. But The Program Has Been Criticized For Losing Touch With The Competition.

Along with its popularity, ” Street Woman Fighter ” has also drawn a number of controversies since its premiere last August. Even according to local media, Sports Chosun , this event has shifted from its original essence.

“Street Woman Fighter” itself is a survival program for female dance crews in fighting for first place. Initially, the program received good reviews because it re-examined the true value of dancers through dance competitions. There were eight crews competing, namely PROWDMON , YGX , LACHICA , WANT , Coca N Butter , HollyBang , HOOK , and WAYB .

Although singers and dancers often appear on the same stage, they are different professions. The difference is shown in “Street Woman Fighter” where dancers have a career direction, dance goals to the way they organize a show. The show has done so well to bring the world of dancers closer together as to instill the perception “a dancer is not a bridesmaid, but a person who dances with a singer.”

Even so, “Street Woman Fighter” cannot be separated from criticism, one of which is the recent loss of essence or plans. This is shown through several missions that have been carried out by the contestant teams where the direction of the competition actually shows the popularity war.

In the last Mega Crew mission, several teams of contestants tried to collaborate with celebrities where they were judged to place themselves as accompanists. It didn’t stop there, the mission of creating choreography for Jessi ( Jessica HO ) also caused debate among viewers. Lastly, the Man of Woman mission which invites female dancers.

In composing a choreography for a singer, a choreographer must consider how to make the star stand out. Even the Man of Woman mission is also considered the same because it invites a number of celebrities. For this reason, “Street Woman Fighter” has been criticized for placing dancers as accompanists and allowing others outside of them to shine.

Despite being part of the controversy, Jessi was able to make up for it by providing more opportunities for dancers by appearing briefly at the end of the choreography video. Jessi’s concern for dancers is clearly seen in her courage to reduce the proportion of her performance in a new song that requires a lot of energy, capital and time.

In addition, from the side of justice “Street Woman Fighter” also raises questions. When voting is over on October 15th, only three teams will be featured and it will hurt the rest of the teams that don’t go live. It would be fairer if all videos were released before voting time ended.

Meanwhile, “Street Woman Fighter” which airs every Tuesday Night will soon be approaching the end of the competition. Viewers can’t wait to see if this program can return to its pride in introducing the world of dancers.