Monica Belluci: Real Sexy is in Mind, Not Body or Age!


Actress Monica Belluci has a perspective that is quite different from most people. If many people try to always look young, the 57-year-old woman actually admits that she is not at all obsessed with it. The oldest Bond Girl in the history of the James Bond films said there are actually many women who are aging like her.

Monica Belluci also enjoys the natural process of aging that she goes through.

“There are many women who feel comfortable with the aging process in a variety of ways. I’ve never been obsessed (ageless),” he said in an interview with the Sunday Times.

Even so, he does not deny that he often takes care of his body by dieting and exercising. However, Monica Belluci does not limit her diet too much and still consumes wine to pasta which is balanced with regular exercise.
“I’ve never been a very skinny woman, I always look a little frumpy and that’s the way it is. I also want to age in a safe process,” she explained.

You change just like when you give birth so only him (child) you prioritize. You come second, it gives a new perspective,” he added.

Monica Belluci appeared in the 24th James Bond film, Specter in 2015, she is four years older than Daniel Craig, the British spy agent. This has also sparked a debate regarding the reason the director invited the actress who was born on September 30, 1964 to appear there.

Monica Belluci plays the character Lucia Sciarra in the film Specter. Previously the title of the oldest bond girl of all time was held by Honor Blackman (39) who played the character Pussy Galore in Godlfinger (1964).