Money Heist Part 5: Vol. 2, An Emotionally Ended Robbery Drama


In December 2021, we will have the latest and final season of one of the most popular series on the Netflix service , Money Heist . Yep, the Spanish series has officially released the second part of its fifth season on December 3. We really have to say goodbye to the Professor and his gang of robbers too.

Through Money Heist Part 5: Vol. 2 , the robbery of the Professor’s gang at the Bank of Spain is considered to be in tense stages. You see, the group has just lost back their important member, namely Tokyo. Meanwhile, the police and military are now ready to use various methods to break into the Bank of Spain and stop the robbery.

Minimal action, but the feel of psychological warfare is thick again

Through Money Heist Part 5: Vol. 1 which aired in September 2021 , we can see a lot of action scenes taking place in the Bank of Spain. This is because the Gandia and a group of military elites managed to infiltrate the Bank of Spain. As a result, there was war between the gang of robbers and their Gandia troops throughout the first part of the series’ fifth season.

However, the second part of the series actually has far fewer action scenes. One of the factors that caused this to happen was that there were no aggressive antagonist characters like Gandia who made riots by attacking them blindly.

Despite the lack of action, Money Heist Part 5: Vol. 2 again presents a thick psychological war like in the first two seasons of the series. So, the moment of war in the second part is no longer using firearms, but using the brains of both parties. This psychological war is also what actually characterizes the Money Heist series compared to other heist- themed shows .

Quite disturbing Denver-Stockholm-Manila love drama
As we know, this series always presents moments of romance between the characters in the middle of the robbery process. The moment actually has a purpose to show the human side of the robbers. However, the romance drama between Denver, Stockholm, and Manila in Money Heist Part 5: Vol. 2 can be said to be quite disturbing when we watch.

This is because the presence of the romance drama really does not look at the situation. Just imagine, the drama appeared shortly after his death Tokyo. Then, the romance drama still continues in the midst of their group’s robbery situation which is already on the brink.

Indeed, really, the romance drama between the three has been built since a few seasons before. However, it feels like the climax and the resolution of the love conflict should be split into several seasons, not immediately becoming one in the last season .

The eye-catching duo of Professor and Alicia SierraAt the start of the third season, Professor and Alicia Sierra were on two very different sides. This is because the Professor is the mastermind of the robbery that took place within the Bank of Spain. On the other hand, Alicia is actually the brains of the police operation in stopping the robbery. However, starting at the start of their fifth season, they were on the same side.

This happened because the police betrayed Alicia Sierra by slandering her as part of the Professor’s robbery plot. At first, Alicia tries to catch the Professor and clear his name. However, because her efforts failed, Alicia finally joined the Professor in the success of the robbery as well as a form of protest to the government.

As a result, there was a duet of two characters with the most genius brains in this series that really stole the attention. In fact, baseball maybe a little of you who nge- ship Professor Alicia created became lovers after witnessing a love-hate relationship they on Money Heist Part 5: Vol. 2 . The chemistry of the two of them is really successful as the main attraction in this second part.

Revealed possible Berlin spin-off storyline
On Money Heist Part 5: Vol. 2 , we can again see a number of flashback scenes featuring the figure of Berlin. The character, who actually died at the end of the second season of the series, was also confirmed to have a spin-off series after Money Heist ended . Well, it’s possible that the storyline of the Berlin spin-off series was revealed in Money Heist Part 5: Vol. 2 .

You see, in one of the flashback scenes , it is revealed that Berlin is a master thief who has successfully carried out various robberies in Europe without being caught. So, most likely the storyline of the solo series later is Berlin’s action in carrying out each of these robberies. Because, of course, the spin-off still has to have a heist feel like the original series.