Money Heist Korea Expected To Compete With The Success Of Squid Game


In recent years, Netflix has been actively producing original content originating from South Korea. Moreover, in 2021 there was the Korean drama Squid Game which succeeded in making a scene all over the world and became the most watched Netflix series. In mid-2022, Netflix has released original content from South Korea, namely Money Heist Korea – Joint Economic Area.

As the title suggests, this is an adaptation of the Netflix series Money Heist from Spain which has been worldwide in recent years. The difference is, this time the setting takes place in North Korea and South Korea, which in the series are said to have been united . Rows of characters with iconic names like Professor and Tokyo are also back in this Korean version with new actors.

In a press conference that took place on Wednesday (22/6), Kim Hong-sun as the director of Money Heist Korea hopes that the audience can enjoy it like the Squid Game . However, Hong-sun also thanks Squid Game because according to him it has opened up opportunities for South Korean content to be global.

“I think we can be here because of the huge success of Squid Game . Korean content spreads globally and makes great achievements all over the world. So thanks to its success, (next Korean content) will have an easier road ahead. I hope the audience can see Money Heist Korea compete fiercely with the Squid Game ,” said Kim PD at the virtual press conference.

Money Heist Korea ‘s path to be able to beat or match the achievements of the Squid Game will indeed be difficult, but not impossible. Moreover, the original series already has a lot of fans around the world who might be curious about how the Korean version of their favorite series looks like.

In addition, Money Heist Korea also involves a number of well-known Korean actors as actors, including Park Hae-soo who previously played in Squid Game . If you’re curious, you can legally watch the Korean adaptation of the theft-themed series on Netflix starting June 24, 2022.