Mohamed Salah’s revenge in the 2022 Champions League Final


In the dressing room, Mohamed Salah was stunned. His team trailed 0-2 from Villarreal. Maybe he was angry and restless. Liverpool no longer has the upper hand. The chances of qualifying for both teams to the 2022 Champions League Final are the same. As the star of the team, Salah certainly feels he has a responsibility to keep shining. A beam that gives positive energy to his teammates. Instantly he felt forced to regulate his emotions. Convince himself and all the players on his team. That Liverpool still has a chance and can qualify for the Champions League Final this year. By beating Villarreal at home.

As if one frequency, between the ups and downs of the Reds’ rapid breathing, after serving the Yellow Submarine’s rampage in the first half, said the charismatic coach Jurgen Klopp in the dressing room. Motivating and burning the spirit of the players with the belief that being left behind by 2 goals can still be pursued.

“The coach spoke to us. We are a big team at the top level. So that’s why we were able to strike back after being 2-0 down in the first half,” Mohamed Salah told BT Sport. Tells what happened in his team’s locker room at half-time.

Spirit and belief must be maintained. Even if the chances are fifty-fifty or thin. Who knows the end of a match. As long as the ability and fighting opportunity is still there and the same as strong. Even though the troops have to fight in the enemy’s field.

For another 45 minutes the fateful continued. The second half whistle squealed. Villarreal’s rampage against Liverpool is getting worse. They only need one more goal to win and qualify. Coach Unai Emery’s squad wants to make history for the first time qualifying for the Champions League Final.

But Liverpool did not want to give up. Endless fierce fight. Big names, character and traditions of his Champions League finalist team emerged. The belief and motivation in the dressing room is evident. Liverpool destroy the Yellow Submarine. Drowning the dreams of Villarreal players, coaches and supporters. Early morning WIB, Wednesday (4/5/22) at the Estadio de la Ceramica Stadium. Jurgen Klopp, Mohamed Salah and all members of the Liverpool squad came home with the win. Scored 3 goals back in the second half. Through the playing skills of Fabinho, Luis Diaz and Sadio Mane. Qualified for the Champions League Final with an aggregate goal of 5-2 over Villarreal.

In the Champions League Semi-Final match, Mohamed Salah did not score. Just barely. But his stardom in providing a goal trigger assist to Fabinho turned out to pave the way for the next two goals. Proving that Salah’s starlight is still there and awake to his teammates when they fall behind. Mohamed Salah, who is reportedly a devout Muslim, is certainly currently grateful during his break. He didn’t care if anyone was celebrating the victory party while drinking as usual. Salah is not a drinker but he understands the tradition. He probably enjoys wondering which team Liverpool will face in the final. In the final later, the team that will face Liverpool is between Real Madrid and Manchester City. The two teams still have to play the 2nd leg tomorrow at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Thursday (5/5/22) early morning WIB. As reported by many media, reportedly he prefers if Real Madrid will challenge Liverpool in this year’s Champions League final. Not intending to reduce the strength of Manchester City, but rather he wanted to vent his revenge when the Reds were defeated by Los Blancos in the 2018 Champions League Final in Kiev – Ukraine. At that time he competed desperately until his arm was injured by Sergio Ramos in a match that ended 1 – 3 for Madrid champions.

“I want to play Madrid. City are a very tough team. We’ve faced them several times this season. But if you ask me personally, I want to meet Madrid because we lost in the final against them,” Salah said after the win against Villarreal as reported by the BBC. Salah’s statement is an interesting grudge. Proof that revenge is not always blind and scorched to the ground. If the public’s thoughts are offered, it’s okay Salah swears that Madrid will lose to City. So that 2018’s misfortune in Ukraine will not be repeated. But no, he just wanted Madrid to win against City. Even though City are more favored because of their aggregate goals. Even though it could be, when meeting Madrid in the final later if Madrid wins against City, Liverpool loses again and Salah swallows the super bitter pill with the Los Blancos brand for the second time.

That’s sport. That’s football. That’s Mohamed Salah. If there is a grudge against defeat, the revenge that occurs is still wrapped in a patriotic spirit and sportsmanship. Unlike political vengeance, which is often led to a scorched earth through war and impoverishment of opportunity.

Congratulations on waiting for Liverpool’s revenge against Real Madrid in the 2021-2022 Champions League Final. If the lucky fire of Manchester City which is On-fire goes out.