Modà, ‘Good luck – Part two’ comes out: “Getting back on stage means taking a step towards normality”


‘Good luck – Part two’ completes the Modà recording project started in November 2021: the leader Kekko Silvestre talks about it.

From Friday 22 April the musical journey of ‘Buona fortuna’, a recording project by Modà started with the November 2021 EP, will be completed . In Part Two, the band brings to the center of the six tracks the love told in its most authentic forms (that of a son, that of a father, that of a partner). And at a time when the outside world shows us how much dis-love man can demonstrate, singing about love is a form of commitment and courage.

“Compared to the first part of ‘Buona Fortuna’, where we decided to focus on tougher topics such as Alzheimer’s and media bullying, in the second part we tried to stay lighter”, explains the leader Kekko Silvestre. “ Perhaps there is a need for lightness in this sense, and love, with all its nuances . We are very attached, as a band, to the love song, on which we have built our career and which characterizes us, despite having done something else that our audience appreciates “.

Commitment, we said, on the eve of the return live. “Singing love in this historical moment is a big commitment,” says Silvestre. “Because somehow you also feel a little guilty. We are in a sports hall having fun and there are people locked in the cellars, which are bombed on the head. It is not easy to detach the thought from this but we must also do it because it would be useless not to do it . We cannot change the world with songs, unfortunately, but at least we can bring our thoughts and our point of view ”.

“Incivility is frightening and anger that everything that the victims of Nazism went through was useless,” says Kekko. “The thing that must make us think most is we must all identify with those who are running away today, this is scary and must suck. It must make you realize how dangerous the world is ”.

The bands in Italy and the ‘Buona Fortuna’ tour

We ask the leader of Modà how he sees the current Italian situation regarding the bands, while on Rai1 a show dedicated to groups begins. “I see it well,” he tells us. And he adds: “ Instead of filling our ears with this trap I’d say hearing some live music is nice . See the Måneskin: the talents are there, just go and find them. There are people who know how to write and who know how to sing, they are situations that do not need to be built around the table because they are beautiful and natural. Why do we still listen to Battisti today? Or Pink Floyd? It was real music ”.

“To think that today someone has finally realized that we need the music really played is nice,” continues Kekko. “And for this we have to thank Måneskin: people who know how to play in Italy and who play rock have always existed in Italy, but we have always been ignored. The Måneskins have slapped many preconceptions. They are not the first and they are not the only ones, but people have finally noticed it ”.

From May 2nd the Modà will be live with the new tour in the palaces. “We will be back on stage and this gives us great enthusiasm because it hasn’t happened for three years now,” explains Kekko. “And there is also curiosity , we are also happy because the concerts are selling well and it is not something to be taken for granted in a period like this . There will be both parts of ‘Good luck’ and also ‘Head or Tails’ that we absolutely do not want to forget as well as the hits of the Modà of these twenty years. There will be no special effects but a band that knows how to play and wants to have fun and entertain people ”.

“ Re-embracing the public will be a bit like re-embracing normality ”, concludes Silvestre. A normality that, for an artist, also passes from returning to writing after two years in which the pandemic has also silenced creativity. “Yes, in this last period I went back to writing, my daughter Gioia is happy too. She had come to ask me if I didn’t make songs anymore! ”, Silvestre tells us with a smile.