Miss A’s streak, PSY’s new song “Celeb” The costumes worn in the MV are talked about … Inquiries from all over the world


Suji from miss A is getting a lot of attention by wearing various costumes in the music video of PSY’s new song “Celeb“. Neon-colored puff-sleeve dresses from her women’s fashion brand “LANG & LU” collection were enough to showcase the glamorous celebrity in her music video . Suji also graced the finale with the pink see-through dress that LANG & LU unveiled at 2020 S / S Seoul Fashion Week , but the gorgeous group dance and light music harmonize to maximize PSY and her charm.

In an interview with My Daily, LANG & LU designer Park Min-sung and Pyeong Hye-jeong praised “Suji, who is showing a dignified and beautiful female image, is the identity of LANG & LU.” She also said she “although her outfits can only be made to order , customers around the world who watched the music video continue to want to buy them.” .. “Celeb”, in which Suji participated, was released as a music video to the audience at PSY’s concert “Bishori Show SUMMER SWAG” in 2019.

The song was written and composed by Ziko of PSY and Block B , and it became a big topic at that time and was flooded with requests for sound source release, but it was recorded in the 9th full album “Sada 9” for the first time in 3 years since its release, and it pleases the fans.

“Itaewon Class” Japanese version “Roppongi Class”, Ryoma Takeuchi & Yuko Araki’s uniform 2 shots released … Innocent high school student visual

Two shots of the two leading actors of the Japanese remake drama “Roppongi Class” of “Itaewon Class” have been released.

On the 12th “Roppongi Class” official Instagram, “Hello everyone. Today we will respond to the request of” 2 shots of Shin-san and Yuka-san. “Jan! Shin-san and Yuka-san’s crank-in day. Please take a picture. Both of you look good in uniforms-please pay attention to the costumes you are particular about in the main story. ” The photo shows the leading actors Ryoma Takeuchi and Yuko Araki staring at the camera with a smile.


Ryoma Takeuchi will play the role of Shin Miyabe, who plays the role of Park Sae-ro-i, played by actor Park Seo-joon, and Yuko Araki will play the role of Yuka Kusunoki, who plays the role of Oh Soo-ah played by Kwon Nara.

On the other hand, the Japanese version of “Itaewon Class”, “Roppongi Class,” is scheduled to begin broadcasting on TV Asahi in July.