Mike Phelan has a mission to make Cristiano Ronaldo-Marcus Rashford Click and Gacor at Manchester United, here’s how


Manchester United assistant coach , Mike Phelan is on a special mission to contribute to the rise of his team. Namely making their two stars, Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcus Rashford immediately compact and gacor.

It is known, Manchester United has not shown satisfactory results since the entry of Ralf Rangnick as the new manager to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Even the quality of the Red Devils’ Man team game is considered unchanged.

Manchester United are still scattered in seventh place with 31 points, after minor results in week 19. Namely, the visitors lost 0-1 Wolverhampton at Old Trafford. The defeat was the first for Man United in the Rangnick era.

Apart from Ralf Rangnick, Mike Phelan as his assistant is now the source of how to restore the sharpness of Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcus Rashford who are Man United’s deadly weapons.

Mike Phelan certainly has a wealth of experience to help head coaches improve Manchester United’s performance on the pitch. He was an assistant to Sir Alex Ferguson, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and now one of Ralf Rangnick’s backroom staff.

Chill Changing Room
Phelan has reportedly been asked to speak to several players amid rumors of internal conflict.

Cristiano Ronaldo is among three of Manchester United’s main summer signings that have not escaped criticism. Especially the recent loss to Wolves, forcing a Ronaldo to be bombarded with sharp criticism.

“I’m not going to coach Ronaldo on how to score goals. He scored. I’m not going to show Rashford how to run because he can already run,” said Mike Phelan.

Tactical Adaptation
Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcus Rashford are predicted to have a positive effect on Manchester United at this time. Ronaldo with a wealth of experience and Rashford who is young and full of ambition, became the ideal collaboration of the Red Devils.

The Portugal star was re-signed in 2003 and has returned at the age of 36 to lead United to trophies. Meanwhile Rashford is an academy graduate aiming to establish himself in a squad full of attacking talent.

“There is a reason why Rashford has to run – to get into the box. There is a reason why we gave Ronaldo the ball. It all comes down to how you think about training as a coach,” he said.

Heavy Challenge
Dealing with great players like these two brings its own challenges for Mike Phelan. He is well aware that some players will enjoy a natural rise, with his job more to advise them than to hone their technique.

Sometimes it’s not about coaching, it’s about letting them express themselves,” continued Phelan.

The understanding of, ‘What are you there as a coach for?’ You are there to help them reach the level they need. to beat,” he said.