Mijoo Ex Lovelyz Discusses Her Image At Variety Show And Activities As A Singer


Currently, Mijoo Is Part Of The Agency Antenna, Home To Many Musicians. Regarding His Activities As A Singer, The Idol Commented That He Wanted To Find His Own Style.

Mijoo participated in photoshoot and interview with Elle. Here, he shares his thoughts on various topics, and he begins by naming his role models. She said, “Even before my debut, Lee Hyori sunbaenim was my role model. I always thought it was cool that she was so amazing on stage while showing her own charms on variety shows. I think I want to learn that part and become a woman like her who works hard. in every way. I haven’t seen it in person.”

When asked how it was like filming with the ” The Sixth Sense ” cast of Jessi , Jeon So Min , and Oh Na Ra who are all older I often feel their maturity. when I see them being considerate and understanding the situation. I learn a lot [from them].”

The interviewer also asked where Mijoo got the confidence that people would like her honest and passionate self, to which she replied, “I think I believe in myself. Of course, I have to control my tempo, but I really enjoy [the situation].

Currently, Mijoo is part of the agency Antenna, home to many musicians. Regarding his activities as a singer, the idol commented, “All the artists at Antenna have their own distinct style. It’s also a place that respects those styles [to the point that] they even asked me, ‘What do you think about this? How’s that?’ I have hope that I can find my own style with them.”

Mijoo also shared what she ultimately wants to do well. I want to do everything well, including dancing and singing. I’m preparing a lot myself.”

Then he mentioned when he thought he grew the most. He said, “After working so hard, I look back and think, ‘I’ve accomplished something.’ I realized that I had grown a lot when I felt that I was getting used to something little by little and getting to know it. There is still a long way to go, so I think I should continue to work hard in the future.”

When asked what he thought was a “good person”, Mijoo replied, “People who work hard and are transparent! There are people who are good at joking, don’t think about anything else, and give off the feeling that they are doing a job simply because they like it. When I’m with other people, -people like that, I think, ‘How can I meet such a nice person?'”

About whether he’s someone who gives advice when people come to him with problems, he explains, “I listen first. Even if I give advice, other people may not want to hear it. Instead, I encourage them so they can do it, or I comfort them by said it would be better if they thought about this matter a little more.”