Metroid Dread released a new trailer and show us a new force Samus Aran


The launch of Metroid Dread is getting closer, and Nintendo has shared ad short but intense to Switch exclusive that will come.

Increasingly little left to go back to one of the franchise’s most iconic Nintendo. Metroid Dread will be landing on the Nintendo Switch on October 8 , also coincided with the release of the model of OLED from the console .

Dread is the fifth major saga Metroid , which continue the events that occurred in the Metroid Fusion (Metroid 4) , but adapt the gameplay to the console hybrid. Of course, we will find the development of a more spacious and free , similar to that seen in Super Metroid.

Nintendo is already preparing the final detail for the launch of Metroid Dread, as we can see recently with the function of the two amiibo and more figures in the saga. And, as an example, right at the top You can see a new place for the game .

Samus Aran will have new costumes in the Metroid Dread , but that does not mean we will not see the clothing heroine usual. We will have the armament of the deadliest on the planet ZDR , but something dark and mysterious is lurking Samus.

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The history of the Metroid Dread will bring us to the planet ZDR mentioned above, in the middle of the search Parasite X we’ve seen in the Fusion. Although there will be some scary elements in the fifth installment, the creators emphasize that this is an action adventure and platform.

Metroid Dread has made some changes that can be played. Now we will have the minimap, which will help us explore the planet ZDR and find ourselves at any time. This will be a game that is much wider and more spacious, with lots of angles, secrets, and bosses are optional.

Of course the hype You’ve been through the roof, but will be more so when You see a trailer 5 full minutes for Metroid Dread . In it we can see the new mechanics, gameplay, graphics, and detail the plot of the game.

Metroid Dread will be present at the store on October 8, exclusively for Nintendo Switch . If You have not ordered a game, do not hesitate to do it in the chain store GAME, get the mousepad themed for Your PC .

Welcome to a Report Fear Metroid™! This series will introduce the latest information about the game Metroid Dread and the world series Metroid, along with behind the scenes footage from the game’s development team.

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Princezna zakletá v čase — CELÝ FILM ONLINE ZDARMA (2020) CZ DABING

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Chozo is a species of bird who is highly intelligent and technologically advanced who believe that their goal is to bring peace throughout the galaxy. However, the civilization that was once the mighty finally reached the peak point and collapse. Now, the Chozo left tend to avoid the spotlight of the galaxy.

After Samus lost her parents at a young age, Chozo took him under their wing and raised him on the planet Zebes. If not because of the Chozo, there may not be Samus.

As mentioned in the Metroid Dread Report earlier, Samus received a transplant DNA Chozo to enable it to survive in the harsh conditions of the planet Zebes. Power Suit and Arm Cannon of hers is also made with the technology of the Chozo sophisticated.

Chozo tightly bound with Samus and series Metroid. What role will they play in this story? Stay tuned!