Members of the Eternals and Their Powers in Marvel Movies and Comics


The film Eternals, which is entering phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is scheduled to be released on November 5, 2021. Although the comic version is an important part of the Marvel Universe, Eternals itself is a little strange to the ear because it has only appeared on the big screen version.

Well, before watching the film, it will be even more exciting if you at least get to know the members of Eternals a little. There are ten characters that appear in the film as members of the immortal alien race, who are they and what are their strengths? Come on, let’s see the list!



1. Ikaris
In the trailer for Eternals from the Marvel Cinematic Universe , Richard Madden’s character Ikaris appears to be able to float in the air or fly and can also shoot lasers from his eyes like Superman. He is also described as having super strength when crashing Deviant (enemy Eternals) in the trailer .

In the comics, Ikaris is indeed a character who has strength above the average of the other Eternals members. He has the title of Prime Eternals, a title to call the leader of the Eternals on Earth.


2. Thena
Thena, played by Angelina Jolie, is introduced as a fierce warrior in the trailer for the film Eternals . This picture is quite in line with Thena in the comics, who is the son of Zuras, who once held the title of Prime Eternals.

Thena who has spent centuries training her powers can create various forms of weapons. It seems that in the film she also has this ability, because it is seen how Thena manipulates cosmic energy into a sword-shaped weapon.

3. Sersi
Sersi can manipulate matter on a large scale, she can take molecules from an object and recreate it into any shape she wants. Unlike the film version, where Sersi works in a museum, the comic version of Sersi uses her powers for show, a kind of magic and makes money from it.

In the trailer , Gemma Chan, who plays the character of Sersi, is seen using her powers several times. First when he brought up water for irrigation and second he turned the overturned bus into flower petals.

4. Sprite
Sprite character played by Lia McHugh is a member of Eternals in the form of a child. Although immortal, mentally he was always a child. Sprites focus their power on manipulating objects similar to Sersi’s though not as powerful as Sersi’s.

In addition to manipulation, the focus of the Sprite’s power is to create illusions. In line with the comics, it appears in the trailer for the film version of Sprites using his powers to create fireworks that may be illusions.

5. Phastos
The next Eternals member is Phastos, played by Brian Tyree Henry. This character is an inventor who uses his powers to help humanity with technology.

Among the Eternals, Phastos prefers to work behind the scenes by helping from the tech side. As shown in the trailer, he seems to be responsible for providing transportation in the form of super-sophisticated flying objects.

6. Gilgamesh
Gilgamesh is the strongest Eternals, he was Thena’s partner when the two were exiled from the other Eternals. Having earned a reputation as a fierce warrior thanks to his tenacity against Deviants, the character played by Ma Dong Seok is able to create a super strong exoskeleton from his cosmic energy.

7. Druig
Druig is a member of the Eternals known for his power to manipulate thoughts. In the comics, Druig is said to have isolated himself from the other Eternals because he disagreed with the way they interacted with humans.

The character played by Barry Keoghan is quite dangerous because he can control other people to do whatever he orders. The trailer doesn’t explicitly show the use of Druig’s powers.

8. Invite
Ajak is the spiritual leader of the Eternals. into the modern era.

The power of Ajak not only heals humans and Eternals, but he can also communicate with Celestials (a kind of cosmic god in Marvel). In the film version, this character will be played by Salma Hayek, this is also different from the comic where Ajak is a man.

Indeed, there are some differences between the ten Eternals characters presented in the film version and the comic version . But apart from that, this film looks promising when viewed from the trailer . Are you ready to watch?

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