Meiji Tokyo Renka Anime Review: Meeting the Ikemen of the Meiji Period


Meiji Tokyo Renka is an anime that was released last winter 2019. Actually, this anime is an anime adaptation of the visual novel produced by Broccoli and 5pb Games of the same title for the PSP handheld. And also previously Meiji Tokyo Renka was also adapted into two animated films produced by Studio DEEN , with the title Meiji Tokyo Renka: Yumihari no Serenade and Meiji Tokyo Renka: Hana Kagami no Fantasia .

Meiji Tokyo Renka is a romance anime with a historical and supernatural setting. In Indonesia, this anime is broadcast on the Ponimu website every Wednesday at 22.30 WIB.

In the anime Meiji Tokyo Renka, the story is about Mei Ayazuki, a high school girl who has been able to see ghosts and communicate with them since childhood. This ability causes him to be labeled strange by the surrounding environment which causes Mei to become a loner and is shunned by his friends. In order to avoid communicating with ghosts, he often plays music at high volume and uses a headset. All that changes when she meets Charlie. Due to Charlie’s actions as a magician, he experiences a time slip to the Meiji era. And in that era Mei met the ikemen who changed Mei’s life.

An interesting heroine that makes you laugh

Mei’s innocence and courage make this anime series a good positive point. When compared to other otome anime series, usually the heroine in the anime seems “boring” by not knowing what’s going on. Sometimes the problem of the characterization of the heroine being less prominent makes me rethink watching anime series in the otome genre . However, the presence of Mei’s character made me withdraw the comment. Indeed, there is still an impression of a “boring” heroine in Mei, but this time it feels different because of Mei’s interactions with the ikemen in the story. One example is the tsukkomi-boke dialogue (joke) between Mei and the ikemen alias heroes in this story.

Knowing the history of the works of the Meiji period

The heroes in this story are based on famous people who lived during the Meiji era and their works. Like Mori Ougai who is a military doctor who is also famous for his literary works, one example is Maihime . There are also characters Shunsou Hishida, Otojirou Kawakami, Gorou Fujita, and others who all have their own characteristics. By watching these characters you will get to know some of the famous characters that existed in the Meiji era. Not bad for increasing knowledge, right?

Animation with good quality

Honestly, I really enjoy the animation in the Meiji Tokyo Renka anime , it’s even better than the film version itself. The soft animation style with the right color combination and the impression of the heroes who keep the valor in their character designs make me love this series.

Good voice acting

Her genki voice character and Mei’s innocence are more points for this anime. Sumire Morohoshi is really great at playing the genki character considering that he had the chance to voice Ichigo Hoshimiya from Aikatsu! famous for being cheerful. Not only the heroines, but the heroes also display a seiyuu performance that is no less good. One example is like Kousuke Toriumi who can fill in almost the same voice as a woman which makes me unable to think. Usually he plays a calm and soft voice or voice like the main character in a shounen story .


It’s rare for an otome visual novel series to be adapted into an anime. Once adapted into an anime, sometimes the series becomes an adaptation that seems “failed”, but it is undeniable that we are still fun watching because there is something interesting in the otome anime series. The Meiji Tokyo Renka anime is perfect for those of you who like history and ikemen. This anime is also supported by a decent story. However, be careful when you reach the last episode of this anime.