Meghan Markle couldn’t hold back her tears at Elizabeth II’s funeral


Questioned, criticized, applauded, examined, consoled, but above all, in the spotlight. The Duchess of Sussex has been one of the focuses of media attention before, during and after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. And it is that although Meghan and her husband Harry have had a secondary role in the events held in honor of the monarch, due to their lack of institutional role since their emigration to the United States, each of her steps has been watched. and commented.

The strain and breakdown in relationships between many of the family members was palpable, but Harry and Meghan have always had a soft spot for Queen Elizabeth II. All this, despite the fact that Charles III has always been the favorite grandson of the late regent of England.

That affection they had for Elizabeth II has become clear with the emotion and tears that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shown during the funeral and some of their public appearances in recent days, being the images of Harry crying in the religious service offered when the body of the monarch arrived in London, one of the most commented images.

This Monday, it was Meghan’s tears that caught the attention of photographers. Heartbroken, the Duchess of Sussex has not been able to avoid crying at some moments of the events held to finally fire Queen Elizabeth II. Inside the temple, she had to be comforted by Sofia of Wessex, Prince Edward’s wife.

And outside, with an unalterable posture, he has tried to contain himself but in the end he has even resorted to his gloves to wipe the tears that fell down his cheek.