May 2022, Cuban Boxer Professional Debut


Cuban boxing has finally risen this year, 2022. Previously, boxing was taboo in Cuba. Because, since 1959, the Cuban leader at the time, Fidel Castro, banned boxing. Currently, everything is changing. Some of Cuba’s top boxers join the professional boxing circuit. They are members of the Domadores de Cuba team which will participate this year in several professional boxing leagues. This team, as reported by Reuters on Tuesday (5/4/2022), signed a contract with the Mexican company Golden Ring Promotions. The signing of this cooperation took place on Monday (4/4/2022), according to information on Cuban state television. “Our boxers will become professional boxers and Olympic champions,” said the coach of the Cuban national boxing team, Rolando Acebal.

Meanwhile, Cuban Boxing Federation President Alberto Puig said that some of his boxers would make their professional debuts in Mexico in May 2022. Alberto Puig said the first stage of a team of five to boxers would be in action post-signing the deal. “The boxer’s contract length is three years from now,” said Alberto Puig. In the contract, it contained a rule that the boxers would get 80 percent of the contract money. Then, 15 percent of the contract money becomes part of the coach’s fund. There is another 5 percent of the contract money which is a portion for medical staff. Today, at a gym in Havana, boxing is still an entertainment show. “The revival of the sport of boxing in Cuba will be a hope$/1 ,” said one of Cuba’s boxing coaches , Alberto Gonzales. Alberto Gonzales said that the sport of professional boxing is a boon for the economic revival in Cuba. “This revival will also be a help for the economic condition of the boxer’s family,” added Alberto Gonzales.

In fact, the Domadores de Cuba team has competed since 2014. The team is part of the World Boxing Series (WSB) competition . WSB is the world’s semi-professional boxing tournament. At WSB tournaments, boxers do not wear headgear. As of 2018, Domadores de Cuba won three of the five WSB tournaments. Since the 1972 Olympics, Cuba has won 41 gold medals in boxing.