Maximum Cool, ‘Squid Game’ Consistently Tops First Rank On Netflix Worldwide


Since ‘Squid Game’ Was Released On September 17, This Thriller Drama Has Immediately Attracted The Attention Of The Public Around The World Because Of Its Suspenseful And Sadistic Story That Has Made This Drama Reap Various Achievements.

Nine episodes of the original Korean Netflix ” Squid Game “, which has been released since September 17, 2021, is still a hot topic of conversation. Not only praise, but also various criticisms that invite controversy over the broadcast of this drama.

Despite receiving many positive and negative responses, “Squid Game” is reportedly still ranked number 1 on Netflix’s Top Shows Worldwide. Even the drama, starring Lee Jung Jae et al. has been ranked 1st for two consecutive days, thus breaking the current K-Drama record.

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“Squid Game” was ranked 4th on Netflix TV Shows worldwide which increased to number 1 on September 23 and 24. This makes this thriller drama the first K-Drama to top Netflix TV shows worldwide.

As is known, “Squid Game” received a lot of attention after being ranked number 1 on Netflix in the United States following the massive success of Netflix in Japan, Korea, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia and other countries. These countries are just a few of the 83 countries where “Squid Game” itself is noted to have topped the TV show category.

This drama certainly breaks the record for being ranked the highest in the United States previously achieved by the Korean series ” Sweet Home “. This is certainly a great achievement for the production team as well as the actors involved in “Squid Game”.

In addition, the cast is also in the spotlight even though some of them only have a little screen time. For example, Lee Jung Joon’s supporting role is only shown in 10 seconds in the third episode.

Then there is Lee Yoo Mi , the cute girl who ended her appearance in the sixth episode. In addition, Jung Ho Yeon , the female lead who played the character Kang Sae Byeok, which became her first acting debut, immediately reaped success. This has certainly brought blessings to the many people who have worked hard to make their dramas happen.

Meanwhile, so many messages are hidden in this drama. Even the drama that ended its episode with a hanging ending was immediately flooded with viewers’ curiosity.

The Game Crossing the Glass Steps in 'Squid Game' Turns Out to Have Surprising Facts, Like What?

The Game Crossing The Glass Steps In ‘Squid Game’ Turns Out To Have Surprising Facts, Like What?

Recently, The Director Of ‘Squid Game’ Revealed The Surprising Facts Behind The Game Across The Glass Platform. He Even Called The Game Real For This Reason.

There is a surprising fact behind the game across the glass in the drama ” Squid Game “. The reason is, the atmosphere of shooting the game was no less scary than what was shown.

In this game itself, participants are required to cross a glass bridge that is above a height. This game is quite tricky, because the footing is made of two kinds of glass, namely hard glass and ordinary glass.

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Hard glass can withstand the weight of two people, while ordinary glass will instantly shatter even if only one person stepped on it. That’s why those who stand on ordinary glass will immediately fall down and die.

In a behind-the-scenes video released recently, the production team reveals the surprising facts behind the game. Because they made the original glass bridge about a meter above the ground. That’s why the players really felt scared while filming the scene.

Jung Ho Yeon said, Crossing the glass steps of the shoot was really scary. The set is about one meter above the ground. We put real thick glass there and ran over it.

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk apparently had a special reason for making such a risky set. He admitted that he wanted to create fear in the minds of the actors so that they could display a more natural expression.

He explains, Just 1.5 meters can scare us. The glass makes them nervous. I think we can express the invisible rigidity and fear in our bodies.

The director even said that the game was quite real.

It was like jumping off a high bridge. The game was real and they were very scared. It showed on their bodies. We thought the set had the power of realism, added the director.

Because filming this game is quite dangerous, the production team still puts the safety of the actors first. Because they seemed to put soft mattresses under the glass bridge and put safety ropes on some of the actors.

Meanwhile, “Squid Game” has achieved tremendous success since its release on September 17. This drama even topped the global Netflix rankings beating ” Sex Education “.