Max Verstappen Wins the Belgian GP, ​​Doubled by Red Bull


Even starting 15th on the grid, Max Verstappen won the Belgian GP on Sunday. With his second place, Sergio Perez offers a double to Red Bull. Charles Leclerc finishes 5th. Lewis Hamilton retired on the first lap.

At the wheel of his Red Bull, the reigning World Champion has once again demonstrated that the inverted grids do not even scare him. Winner at the end of July in Hungary after starting from 10th place on the grid, Max Verstappen did it again a month later on the Spa-Francorchamps track. And so far, only the New Zealander Bruce McLaren had achieved such a performance, during the 1959-60 season, winning two consecutive races starting from the middle of the grid, at the wheel of his Cooper Car.

Fourteenth on the starting grid due to multiple penalties, the Dutchman made an excellent start on his soft tires and had no trouble getting rid of each of his competitors, until he overtook poleman Carlos Sainz when he he went through the pits for the first time on the 12th lap. The Spaniard then took control when “Mad Max” also stopped to change his tyres, three laps later, but he could only delude himself in the face of the frantic pace of the Dutchman, again first on the 18th lap. . The gap widened in the lead and the Red Bull driver rode alone to the checkered flag to glean 26 more points in the title chase thanks to the fastest lap bonus point.

Leclerc disappoints, Hamilton gives up
The Dutchman’s main rival in the Championship, Charles Leclerc has never found the right pace. By starting 15th on the grid, the Monegasque had a lot of trouble getting his Ferrari up the hierarchy, in particular because of a first forced stop for a brake problem. He thought he could save the day by finishing in the Top 5, but a 5-second penalty for speeding in the pits finally relegated him to 6th place behind Fernando Alonso. Charles Leclerc sees the Mexican Sergio Perez pass him in the drivers’ classification thanks to his second place.

The big loser of this Grand Prix of Belgium is Lewis Hamilton who was harpooned at the level of the right rear tire by the Alpine of Fernando Alonso from the first lap in the series of turns of Combes. At fault on the action, the seven-time world champion had to give up due to too much damage to his Mercedes and attend the very good race of the Spanish veteran, concluded in 5th place.

On the French side, Esteban Ocon took advantage of an improving Alpine to achieve the best performance by completing the 44 laps of this Grand Prix in 7th place, less than a second behind Charles Leclerc. The Ébroïcien had yet started from 17th place on the grid. Starting from the pits at the last moment, Pierre Gasly had the merit of bringing his Alpha Tauri to 9th position, just ahead of Alex Albon (10th), who held up well at the wheel of his Williams.


BELGIAN GRAND PRIX – Max Verstappen (Red Bull) indirectly precipitated his challenger Charles Leclerc into the abyss of the classification from the start of the race at Spa on Sunday. By getting rid of a tear-off that clogged the Ferrari’s braking system. And which also led the Monegasque to speeding in the pit lane, in the penultimate lap.

Max Verstappen offered an improbable consecration to Mario Kart on Sunday at Spa by compromising Charles Leclerc’s race . Using a sneaky trap like in the famous Nintendo game; twice, but totally involuntarily.
The race movie
After the Belgian Grand Prix, Mattia Binotto, Ferrari’s team principal, revealed that a tear off, thrown overboard by the Dutchman, caused the loss of his Monegasque driver.

Fifteenth at the start of the fourteenth round of the World Cup, just ahead of the F1 75 n°16 of the driver from the Principality, the reigning world champion in fact detached a protective visor on the first lap, in order to regain perfect vision in his helmet. And this piece of plastic, which the pilots all have installed in several copies on their helmets, went to file in the right front scoop of the Ferrari of “Charlot”, who was following him.
He immediately understood what was happening. Seeing the temperature of his brake disc rise dangerously, he stopped at his pits on the 3rd of the 44 laps. Starting at the back of the field, he attacked a difficult race which was to take him to fifth place. Until he decided to enter the 43rd of the 44 laps to take “hard” tires in order to beat the fastest lap in the race and take the bonus point from the leader of Red Bull.

Who caused his loss a second time. “The reason we were penalized for speeding in the pits is that we couldn’t use our usual sensors ,” the Italian-Swiss manager told AutoHebdo . of the front-right wheel. This is linked to the tear-off of Max Verstappen, who came to nest in the scoop of Charles at the start of the race. “It was really, really borderline , he added, to The Race. I think it was played at overtaking at 0.1 km / h h instead of 80) close in the pit lane, unfortunately.”
The 0.1 km/h excess speed cost Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) a 5-second penalty, demoted to sixth to the advantage of Fernando Alonso, whom he had to pass after his pit stop on the last lap. And unfortunately, “Charlot” also failed to set the fastest lap on the final loop. Perhaps because of the overtaking he had to make on the Spaniard’s Alpine. Because he missed 0.6 to beat Max Verstappen at the post.