Master’s Delicacy is a cute food-focused drama that can be completed in a day


When I was looking for something funny and short, I came across this short series called Master’s Delicacies and decided to follow it from the first episode. New episodes air every week and the waiting time for new content seems longer than usual, but since the last episode aired, if you have time to binge on something in just one day, this is highly recommended to check! All episodes are 10 to 15 minutes long and the assumptions are a lot of fun, as you can see in the summary below and later in the actual review. All right, let’s go.

From MyDramaList: Joo A Ran is a Mukbang YouTuber who has a deep trauma from eating food. He meets chef Anne Sulha, who loves to cook. They soon became a housekeeper-owner relationship.

As the summary shows, the web series clashes very early and follows two protagonists who develop this kind of enemy relationship due to a misunderstanding. Joo A Ran (Lee Soo Jung, to be seen in A Business Proposal soon) is a mukbang Youtuber, but she really… doesn’t like food. Yes, the situation was quite unique, but he had his reasons. Be aware of the content if it is caused by an unhealthy diet mechanism. Ahn Sul Ha (Kim Kwan Soo) is an attractive young chef who loves to try food and make unusual combinations. Needless to say, these two weren’t the perfect match, but they somehow intertwined in random situations. Either way, they’re both adorable to me, and I enjoy watching them every week to see how they solve their problems. It’s okay for these two to be absolutely beautiful. Visuals for several days.

For such a short web series, it’s a shame to go into detail considering the plot isn’t much, but I found it very fun and cute. There are lots of comedic aspects of the plot and lots of hilariously cute scenes that I love (especially from the only supporting role in the drama drawn by Hyun Nakaku, which everyone like me likes based on Korean commentary. There are also a few more serious thank you scenes. When I didn’t talk for 10 minutes and 6 minutes, there wasn’t much I could do about the synopsis and character development, but I thought Masters Delicacies was capable of providing a sweet and interesting story. Another caveat I want to emphasize is the fact that the color of the drama is really good. .With so many bright and vivid colors that constantly make for a beautiful set, I want to come back to be honest. I am crazy about this, what can I do?

If you want something sweet and short for a day, you can check out all six episodes of the web drama in the playlist linked below.