Marvel Just Killed Iron Man and X-Men in a Big Bang


Marvel and DC Comics often kill the characters they tell and then resurrect them. Iron Man and X-Men are no exception.
Comic writer Donny Cates is doing his little thing and taking on his new journey in the Hulk series. In the comics, somehow Bruce Banner was able to divide his mind into different parts.

The Hulk acts as the starship that Banner pilots in the Avegers’ mind. The angry Hulk fuels everything to fight the bad guys.

In the comic series Hulk #3, the Starship Hulk made it into an alternate universe. Then it leaves us with a world where Bruce Banner isn’t the Hulk, a gamma emitting monster roaming the world. Thunderbolt Ross is the president.

The fourth issue, published last week, offers even more insight into this universe.
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The comics also reveal what happened to Tony Stark and the X-Men. In the issue it was revealed, Tony Stark went bankrupt and eventually died of a serious illness.

“Severe liver toxicity disease and complications of severe and chronic pancreatic pain,” reads a Marvel Comics statement.

On the next page, the fate of the X-Men is revealed because the US government exterminated them with a nuclear bomb. The shocking storyline left most Marvel readers saddened by the destruction of the two main characters.

Throughout the issue there is a lingering threat to the Hulk, someone President Ross refers to simply as The Boy who is revealed to be this universe’s version of Peter Parker.

But gun safety is not the only problem at the site.

Her interview was conducted four months after Halyna died on the set of her last film, Rust, during dress rehearsals.

However, the Spider-Man from this universe is no ordinary Spider-Man, but a giant Hulk-infused Spider-Man. It’s wild, and he’s getting ready to tear up the new Hulk.

Hulk #5, written by Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley, is out this week