Marvel Comics announced a number of projects for its various characters in early 2022


The New Fantastic Four comic series written by Peter David and Alan Robinson features a number of well-known Marvel superheroes. The new Fantastic Four team is Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and Hulk.

Marvel Comics announced a number of projects for its various characters in early 2022. One of them is the new Fantastic Four team.

They have reunited to investigate the wave of violence in Las Vegas. With the devil at the helm, this new superhero team needs extra help.

“This new adventure will feature many surprises and guest stars. There is a series of mysterious villains that you’ve never seen before,” said Marvel Comics on its official website, as seen by detikcom, Thursday (3/2/2022).

Comic writer Peter David said the superhero team had a short stint.

‘Although their original stint was very brief, alternative versions of FF have had fans over the years, myself included,’ he revealed.

“I am fortunate that Marvel has given me the opportunity to revisit with them and take their battles to new heights in new locations with new allies and new foes,” continued Peter David.

According to artist Alan Robinson, the characters on the Fantastic Four superhero team are well known to the world’s public.

‘With characters like Spider-Man, Hulk, Ghost Rider and Wolverine, and written by the great Peter David, nothing less! It’s a dream come true for me as an artist and as a fan, and the story gets richer with every page. What a blast!’, he said.

The new Fantastic Four comic series will set sail shortly after the events of the fan-favorite group’s first appearance.

This comic will take readers back to the classic era with a new story in the same vein as hits like X-MEN LEGENDS, MAESTRO, and SILVER SURFER REBIRTH.