Marvel Cinematic Universe fans can see Oscar Isaac in the Moon Knight series


It’s still a few more weeks before Marvel Cinematic Universe fans can see Oscar Isaac in the Moon Knight series . In the Marvel Studios tradition, the details for this series are still being tightly closed, although of course there will be leaks circulating on social media.
The appearance of Moon Knight has not been officially disclosed by Marvel Studios. But for the issue of Empire magazine, the figure of this Egyptian god is shown in a printed version on paper. In a picture uploaded to Twitter by a fan, Khonshu is seen in a museum corridor.

The same museum was previously shown in the released Moon Knight trailer . The details of Khonshu’s appearance brought to life by F. Murray Abraham as his voice actor are judged to be similar to his appearance from the comics.

He had a head that looked like a bird’s skull, a staff with a large crescent crest, and a long cloak swinging behind it. Khonshu design for this MCU looks thin and tall. The figure in the cloth she was wearing was unknown and seemed to display emptiness.

Khonshu is a character that is closely related to the story of the early appearance of Moon Knight. Introduced first in the 1980 issue #1 of the Moon Knight comic by Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz, this is the first time Khonshu will be brought to life in the MCU.

In the comic Moon Knight, Marc Spector is told as a man who was raised by rabbis in a poor area of ​​Chicago. As an adult, he joined the US Navy but was expelled from the military due to an unstable mental condition. He eventually became a mercenary and carried out rescue missions to assassinations in the African region. When confronted by one of the enemies, he was seriously injured and nearly died in one of the deserts of Egypt. At the end of his life, he arrived at the tomb of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu, and breathed his last there.

Marc Spector’s spirit then met with Khonshu. The moon god offered life on the condition that Marc Spector be his servant for life.

After agreeing to these terms, Marc Spector is alive again, but now as a superhuman. He had extraordinary abilities and his eyes shone silver like moonlight. Marc Spector also became a Moon Knight with a series of abilities such as speed, strength, and endurance.

For the Moon Knight TV series later, Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel Studios, is optimistic that this project will be something different. Kevin Feige said Moon Knight would be more brutal than the previous MCU series.

“It’s been fun working with Disney+ and seeing how the boundaries of what we can do shift. There’s a moment in the series when Moon Knight mourns a character and it’s so bold and brutal!” Kevin said in an interview with Empire.