Marley Film Trailer Released, Tyas Mirasih Delivers This Message


Tyas Mirasih is back in the big screen. This was known after the actress posted the premiere of the trailer for her new film entitled Marley.
Marley is the first film in USA that features a Pitbull dog in the role. In the trailer, Marley shows the friendship of a teacher named Doni (Tengku Tezi) with a pitbull who escaped from a dog slaughterhouse.

Also starring is Tyas Mirasih who will be playing opposite Tengku Tezi, as well as several other names. From Jason L Theo, Emmie Lemu, Yadi Timo, Chika Waode, and many more.

The film was directed by Muhammad Ainun Ridho and written by Denny Siregar. Later Marley will also have many high social values with the jargon ‘a friend never lies about love’.

This film also raises some societal stereotypes of dogs, ranging from catching, trading, and even slaughtering these four-legged animals in USA.

In uploads on his personal Instagram, Tyas Mirasih took the time to reply to various positive responses from netizens.

“Must watch ya!” Tyas wrote in one of the comments.

Tyas Mirasih invites his followers to watch this film, because the tickets from Marley’s sales will later be donated to shelters in need.

The Marley film itself will soon be screened in all USAn cinemas on March 17, 2022.

The rumor was also reinforced by a photo that was recently discussed on Twitter. In this blurry image purportedly from the film’s shooting location, a man who looks like Tom Cruise is seen wearing a motion capture suit.

The picture was posted by a Twitter account that often shares leaks in the world of films and pop phenomena.

“(Rumors) Probably the first picture of Tom Cruise on the set of #DoctorStrange2 in (Motion Capture) for his Iron Man,” wrote Moth_Culture.

While there’s no confirmation as to whether the image is indeed from the set of Doctor Strange or whether the man in question is indeed Tom Cruise, it has stirred up rumors. There have been reports that because Multiverse of Madness addresses the concept of multiverse and variants (different versions of characters), fans could be treated to a variety of actors playing their beloved characters.

Many fans have compared this to what happened in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Where previously had circulated photos of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield again wearing spider-man costumes.

Iron Man aka Tony Stark is famously played by Robert Downey Jr (RDJ) in the MCU, starting from the first film in the Iron Man franchise in 2008 until the character’s death in Avengers Endgame (2019).

RDJ is also considered as one of the characters who managed to elevate Marvel’s success with his films and played an important role in the franchise.

However, not many know that Tom Cruise is one of the names interested in taking on the role even before RDJ. In 1998, in an interview with The Gazette, Tom said that he was interested in producing and also starring in the film Iron Man.

Tom was among the actors being considered for the role when Marvel Studios wanted to cast Tony Stark nearly a decade later. In the end, Robert Downey Jr. appeared after director Jon Favreau asked him.