Mark Wahlberg stated: Transformers: The Last Knight will be bigger, cooler, and more everything


While attending the global premiere in London last Sunday (18/6), Mark Wahlberg stated: Transformers: The Last Knight will be bigger, cooler, and more everything. In addition, he also added, director Michael Bay always wanted to give something more for the fans.

When viewed from the trailer, the fifth Transformers film is indeed full of Michael Bay’s typical heroic scenes. Like fighting giant robots. Terrific and thrilling. Accompanied by a patriotic and uplifting music background by Steve Jablonsky. In addition, 98 percent of the shooting process carried out by Michael Bay also uses IMAX cameras. Anyway, in terms of action and visual effects, Transformers: The Last Knight promises everything.

So far, the response from critics is unknown. Will it be negative like the previous three films? Or is it pretty decent like the first film? So far, the plot of the Transformers films has always been criticized badly by observers. Although the audience, perhaps, didn’t really care about it.

Mark Wahlberg himself guarantees: The plot of Transformers: The Last Knight will be better, and deeper, when compared to the previous four films. The younger brother of Donnie Wahlberg, New Kids on the Block, claims: The story of this fifth film will be great.

In addition to the story plot, one more thing that is certain, the duration of The Last Knight is quite long. Almost 2.5 hours. In fact, rumors had circulated: That the duration was more than three hours. Which tests the patience of the audience. Like Indian movies. Haha..

However, via Twitter, director Michael Bay immediately denied this. According to him, the duration of the fifth Transformers film is shorter than the last three films. Well, hopefully, this time, the story is more exciting.

Last summer, moviemaniacs were treated to the thrilling action of the Blake Lively who was chased by a ferocious shark in the film The Shallows (2016). This year, following the success of the film released by Sony Pictures, there is another survival thriller. It’s called 47 Meters Down. Which can already be enjoyed in Cinema XXI cinemas starting Thursday (15/6) yesterday.

Since its appearance in the legendary film Jaws (1975), the great white shark has indeed become the mainstay of filmmakers to present an adrenaline-pumping story. In fact, so traumatic, many people are afraid to swim in the sea and on the beach after watching the film by the Maestro Steven Spielberg.

Like The Shallows and Jaws first, 47 Meters Down also raises the theme of the fight between humans and sharks. The story is also very classic: The main character can not escape. And must risk his life to fight the vicious predator.

However, the difference is, in The Shallows, only Blake Lively has to face the white shark alone, while, in 47 Meters Down, there are two beautiful girls who have bad luck. Brothers and sisters. Lisa and Kate.

Initially, Lisa and Kate went on vacation to Mexico. To have fun together. Then came a dangerous, but challenging offer: Locals took them for a dive in a shark observation cage. Under the sea.