Marco Verratti pleads for Azzurri fans not to insult Italy’s national team players after failing to qualify for the 2022 World Cup


Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) midfielder from Italy, Marco Verratti, pleaded with the Italian national team fans not to insult the players who failed to bring Gli Azzurri to the 2022 World Cup because they lost in the play-off phase . especially for young players.

The Italian national team failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar after losing 0-1 to North Macedonia in the play-off semifinal which was held on Friday (25/3/2022) early morning WIB.

The failure of the Italian national team to advance to the 2022 World Cup finals in Qatar has been in the spotlight around the world. Many Gli Azzurri fans finally blasphemed the failure of Roberto Mancini’s team.

Marco Verratti also admitted that at this time it was not an easy thing for the Italian national team players who had to face a negative response from the fans.

“When you win, it’s easy to thank everyone. I wanted to do it after the elimination that saw us fail to advance to the most attractive competition for footballers,” Marco Verratti said as reported by Football Italia .

“I want to thank everyone, the staff, the players and everyone who works with passion and enthusiasm around La Nazionale,” continued the Italy midfielder .

Players Already Struggle – This result led North Macedonia to advance to the final round of path C and will meet Portugal. Meanwhile, Italy again feels the same sadness as in 2018. (AP/Antonio Calanni)
The PSG midfielder also hopes that fans can appreciate the struggles of the Italian national team players who have tried their best to be able to step into Qatar.

The disappointment was huge, but we have shown that work, passion and heart, anything is possible,” said Verratti.

“So in life and in football, like last summer’s big win or big defeat, we have to keep fighting. Football is our passion and I’m sure we will continue to give everything to have more satisfying moments together.”

Don’t Humiliate Young Players! Friday (25/3/2022) early morning WIB. (AFP/Alberto PIZZOLI)
The Italian national team had actually just been crowned European champions in the summer of 2021 after winning Euro 2020. They even managed to record a new unbeaten record at the international level.

Although the Gli Azzurri have lost only four times during Roberto Mancini’s tenure, the fans and media were quick to blame the Italian squad.

“One last thing. I don’t think the best way to deal with this is to insult everyone, because each of us tries to give everything,” said Verratti.

Meanwhile, please don’t do it to the young players,” hoped Verratti, who felt better that only the senior players were the target of the fans’ anger.