Marco Simoncelli’s Father Releases Open Letter, Announces Tatsuki Suzuki Positive for Covid-19


The owner and manager of the SIC58 Squadra Corse Team , Paolo Simoncelli , is pleased to announce that the mainstay rider, Tatsuki Suzuki , has tested positive for Covid-19. This he announced through the team’s release on Monday (15/3/2021), when all members of his team were preparing to go to Qatar to undergo the Moto3 pre-season test at the Losail Circuit, March 19-21.

The father of the late Marco Simoncelli also admitted that he was actually determined to hold an online team presentation event at Losail. However, the plan could change because it is not yet known when Suzuki will finish undergoing self-isolation in Cattolica, Italy, and can follow his team to Qatar.

There is no doubt that this season is a very important season for SIC58 Squadra Corse. Competing with the spirit of Marco Simoncelli, this team will compete in four racing championships at once, namely Moto3, MotoE, Moto3 Junior World Championship, and field a rider in the European Talent Cup.

Simoncelli also admitted that he is very grateful to all partners and sponsors who are still loyal to support his team even though they are affected by the economic crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He also promised that his team would cultivate high spirits and motivation to win good results, especially world titles in Moto3 and MotoE.

The following is Paolo Simoncelli’s open letter to MotoGP fans and SIC58 Squadra Corse collaboration partners.

Paolo Simoncelli’s Open Letter
Greetings to all,

I look forward to meeting all of you at a very fun team presentation event like we used to do, and hugging you all, but you will surely understand why. I decided to prepare something online in Qatar, in order to introduce you all to the new faces of our team in 2021. However, we just got another news, which is TATSU POSITIVE!!! Okay, let’s get pen and paper, because this is the only option.

While in Valencia for a test run, I met someone I used to meet in the paddock, looked confused at our truck, and asked me how I got so many sponsors.

Yes, man. With all the difficulties their company is facing, they still want to work with us, no matter what. I can’t even hide how excited I am and how touched my heart is. My task of managing the cost of racing this season will be tough, but I feel proud to still be able to find all of you by my side and be in the style of our bikes, which will still be the same as last year, and see the SIC58 logo on your company’s official websites. .

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I also mention our multi-ethnic team members as follows:

1) Tatsuki Suzuki – Japan

2) Lorenzo Fellon – France

for the Moto3 World Championship

3) Mattia Casadei – Italy

for the MotoE World Championship

4) Jose Julian Garcia – Spain

5) Senna Agius – Australia

6) Harrison Voight – Australia

for the CEV Moto3 Junior World Championship

7) Corey Tinker – England

untuk European Talent Cup (ETC)

We also have experienced riders who can achieve good results, as well as young riders with great enthusiasm, who will help them to develop. We are all ready to give our best. We have amazing mechanics and technicians on our team, ready to work in this silent paddock, with high hopes of winning. Obviously we can’t hide the fact that we’re a bit disappointed by the problems Suzuki is facing, but it reminds me of what happened in 2008, in the 250cc class, when a rider (Marco Simoncelli) aiming for a world title, failed to finish twice in a row at the end of the season. the first two series, and then make our best dreams come true!!

Thank you to all of you.



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‘If Marco Simoncelli were still alive, his career would have skyrocketed’

Ex-racer who is now a Safety Advisor MotoGP , Loris Capirossi , in memory of the late Marco Simoncelli on Wednesday (01/20/2021), which was supposed to be a birthday Sic 34th. To Motosprint, Capirossi also admitted that he really missed the 2008 GP250 world champion even now.

Simoncelli who is predicted to be the future star of MotoGP, rose to the class of kings in 2010 and then with San Carlo Honda Gresini. His reckless and aggressive racing style is often in the spotlight, but no doubt he is a talented and very fast racer that cannot be underestimated.

A year later, Simoncelli won the first two podiums, namely in the Czech Republic and Australia. However, his life was taken by an accident at Turn 11 of the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia. At that time, he fell off the motorbike, and his helmet fell off. Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards who were behind him could not dodge, until they crashed into his body.

Already Close Friends Since Simoncelli Still in GP125
After the race, Capirossi, who at that time had decided to retire at the end of the season, immediately went to Rossi’s garage at the Ducati Team to ask about the chronology of what happened. The two Italian riders looked very worried. Unfortunately, some time later Simoncelli was announced dead.

He had a great and unusual character. His body was very tall even when he was a child. When he came down in the GP250, he became world champion,” said Capirossi .