Marco Bezzecchi, the 46th Italian racer, climbs the highest class podium, coincidentally, Valentino Rossi’s protégé


An interesting coincidence was created in the 2022 Dutch MotoGP race at the Assen Circuit last Sunday (27/06/2022).

Italian racer Marco Bezzecchi managed to finish second and present the first podium for Valentino Rossi’s team, VR46 in the MotoGP class.

For Marco Bezzecchi, the second podium of the 2022 Dutch MotoGP is also the first top three finish in the highest class for the rookie racer.

Well, there is another interesting coincidence behind the success of the racer who last season was still in the Moto2 class.

46th podium
Yes, Marco Bezzecchi is the 46th Italian rider who can taste the podium of the highest class of the Motorcycle Racing World Championship (including the 500cc class first).

You already know, 46 is the motorcycle number of the mentor Valentino Rossi. It just so happened that Bezzecchi also rode the VR46 team’s motorbike.

Not only that, if you look back, Assen is one of the tracks that Valentino Rossi likes so much in the MotoGP event .

Congratulations from Valentino Rossi rivers who finished 1-3 in the Dutch MotoGP: Marco Bezzecchi, Pecco Bagnaia and Maverick Vinales. (Vincent Jannink/ANP/AFP)

Valentino Rossi himself congratulated the success of Marco Bezzecchi and also another student, Pecco Bagnaia who triumphed in the Dutch MotoGP.

Pecco Bagnaia himself is the winner of the Dutch MotoGP. This means that Rossi’s students finished 1-2 at Assen.

Through the social network Instagram , Valentino Rossi congratulated his two students.

Valentino Rossi’s Comments

Three Valentino Rossi students at SKY Racing Team VR46 had an incident while celebrating at the 2020 Andalusia GP .
Luca Marini and Marco Bezzecchi who both finished on the podium in Moto2 collided with each other during the cooling down lap.
Celestino Vietti, who finished third in the Moto3 class, got 20 stitches after his champagne celebration didn’t go as planned.

Valentino Rossi may be one of the happiest people with the results of the 2020 Andalusia GP race at the Jerez Circuit, Spain, on Sunday (26/7/2020).

In the premier class race, Valentino Rossi successfully won the podium after completing 25 laps of the 2020 Andalusian GP as the third fastest racer.

This result ended Valentino Rossi’s “fasting” podium which had been going on for 15 months since becoming the runner-up at the 2019 Americas GP.

“I’m very happy! Coming back to the podium today (Sunday) is not like a victory, but it feels almost the same,” said Valentino Rossi after the race.

The 41-year-old man’s happiness grew even more because it was not only him who succeeded in reaching the podium at the 2020 Andalusia GP, but also a number of his students.

In yesterday’s race, there were three students of The Doctor in SKY Racing Team VR46 who managed to finish in the top three positions.

Celestino Vietti who appeared in the Moto3 class was able to finish the race by sitting in third place.

Meanwhile, in the Moto2 event, SKY Racing Team VR46 carved out a double podium after Luca Marini and Marco Bezzecchi finished second and third respectively.

Valentino Rossi clearly feels happy for the achievements of his three students in the 2020 Andalusian GP race session.

“I am very proud of them because we have a good relationship. They never give up. Being with them makes me feel a little younger,” he said.

However, at almost the same time, Rossi was also upset by the incident that his three students experienced after the race.

In the Moto2 class, Luca Marini and Marco Bezzecchi were involved in a “ridiculous” incident during a cooling down lap shortly after the race was over.

The incident began when Bezzecchi and Marini drove side by side on motorbikes to congratulate each other on the podium that was achieved.

However, Bezzecchi’s bike seemed too close to Marini’s pace so a touch was inevitable. As a result, the two Italian drivers fell down in the gravel area.

Rossi was furious and could not understand why the “ridiculous” incident between Marini and Bezzecchi could happen.

“When I saw two of my team’s bikes crash in the gravel area, I said to myself, ‘this can’t happen’,” said Rossi.

It’s natural for Rossi to be worried, especially since Bezzecchi just suffered a fractured right ankle that he got a month ago.

Meanwhile, Celestino Vietti had a more unlucky fate than the celebration he did at the Jerez Circuit, Spain.

While on the podium, the 18-year-old wanted to open champagne in an attractive way, as did F1 driver Lando Norris at the 2020 Austrian GP.

Enthusiastically, Vietti opened the champagne by banging the bottom of the bottle on the floor while jumping.

However, the execution of the celebration did not go as expected. The bottle belonging to the SKY Racing Team VR46 racer broke and the champagne didn’t gush as expected.

In fact, as reported by from , Celestino Vietti had to get 20 stitches because of the failed celebration incident.

Valentino Rossi was clearly shocked by the incident which was judged to have occurred due to carelessness. “This is a disaster,” he said simply.