Marc Marquez Speaks About The Aragon MotoGP Incident

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The Aragon MotoGP event ended badly for Marc Marquez. Instead of meeting the target to add kilometers, he became the subject of gossip, because he was the cause of the fall of several riders .

In the race which was held on Sunday (18/9/2022) night, Marquez was judged to be the culprit in the fall of Fabio Quartararo and Takaaki Nakagami. Both of them hit the back of Marquez’s motorbike and fell.

As a result, Quartararo suffered bruises on his chest, while Nakagami suffered injuries to two fingers of his right hand, plus he faced death. On this charge, Marquez also spoke up.

1. Marc Marquez has no intention of harm

Marquez said many people thought he was deliberately trying to bring down Nakagami and Quartararo. He also dismissed that notion. He made sure that he had no intention at all to make the two drivers fall.

“I’m a MotoGP racer. I’ve been racing in this event for many years, and on the straights, I’ve never bothered other riders. Moreover, in this race I don’t have too big a target,” Marquez said as reported by Motosan

2. Marquez has analyzed this accident with Honda

Marquez admitted that he had analyzed the cause of this incident with Honda. From the results of the analysis, it was found that the rear tires were locked, causing several drivers to crash into the back of their motorbikes.

3. Missing targets in Aragon

In the end, apart from being mentioned as the cause of the fall of the two riders, Marquez also failed to finish the race because of problems with his motorbike. He also regretted this, because his target of filling the kilometers in Aragon was not achieved.

“My target in MotoGP Aragon is not fulfilled. I prefer a bad start but finish the race, rather than start well but only survive in two corners. My kilometers are not met,” said Marc Marquez.