Many Stories Left, ‘Hospital Playlist’ Director Admits It’s Not Easy To Work On Season 3


The Director Discussed The Many Stories That Had Not Been Conveyed In Two Seasons Of The Drama. However, The Director Also Admitted That It Was Difficult To Work On Season 3 Of The Drama.

The director of ” Hospital Playlist ” named Shin Won Ho recently underwent an interview session discussing many interesting things about the tvN drama. One of the things discussed is about the many stories that have not been conveyed in two seasons of the drama.

However, the director also admitted that it was difficult to work on “Hospital Playlist” season 3, which many loyal viewers hoped for.

Since the original plan was to tell the stories of the daily lives of these doctors, there are still many stories left. Just like how in our lives, today passes and then we have stories tomorrow, and when tomorrow passes we will have stories from the day after tomorrow. , there is no end to the daily life of ’99-ers’, continued director Shin Won Ho.

Director Shin Won Ho then revealed what it was like to work with five main actors at once starting from Jo Jung Suk , Jung Kyung Ho , Yoo Yeon Seok , Jeon Mi Do , and Kim Dae Myung . It was an interesting experience, said director Shin Won Ho.

It was like this in our first filming, and also the day they filmed the first scene with the five of them together, but despite the almost 10 month gap after season 1, it feels great like we’re meeting again after just filming together yesterday. director Shin Won Ho.

To be honest, in the first filming, there was a routine that you had to go through. You needed a process of tuning in to each other, but we completely missed that aspect and the filming process flowed like water, so it was a very interesting experience, concluded director Shin Won. Ho.

Meanwhile, “Hospital Playlist” season ended in the 12th episode with the highest rating throughout the broadcast reaching 14 percent. Did you also enjoy watching this drama?

This is the reason Kim Dae Myung and Ahn Eun Jin's romance is slow on 'Hospital Playlist'

This Is The Reason Kim Dae Myung And Ahn Eun Jin’s Romance Is Slow On ‘Hospital Playlist’

Yang Seok Hyeong (Kim Dae Myung) And Chu Min Ha (Ahn Eun Jin) Have A Slow Love Flow Because The Beautiful Doctor’s Struggles In Season 1 Were Only Rewarded In Season Two.

” Hospital Playlist ” doesn’t just show the usual everyday stories of doctors and patients. This popular tvN drama also shows the interesting romance of the five main doctors of Yulje Hospital.

One of them belongs to Yang Seok Hyeong ( Kim Dae Myung ) and Chu Min Ha ( Ahn Eun Jin ). This couple has a fairly slow love flow because Chu Min Ha’s love struggle in the first season was only rewarded in the second season.

Regarding this slow romance, the director of “Hospital Playlist” Shin Won Ho turned out to have his own reasons. If you look at it a certain way, honestly this is a love line that has slowly developed since season 1, said director Shin Won Ho.

The way Yang Seok Hyeong believes that he can only love after he personally resolves his worries about his history is the biggest framework for this romance plot, added director Shin Won Ho.

Those aspects developed well in season 1, and in season 2, we tried to show her journey overcoming those feelings. It might be hard if you just look at the skeleton, but we hope they both look cute and beautiful in the process, continued director Shin Won Ho.

Although the big picture seems heavy, this is a couple that we most want to feel like a modern romance, added director Shin Won Ho. He also expressed his concern about the audience’s feelings watching Yang Seok Hyeong and Chu Min Ha’s romance.

To be honest, this is the first time that the two actors are acting in a romance, and there are many aspects that are completely different from other romance dramas, so we were worried about how much viewers would like it.

Meanwhile, “Hospital Playlist” season ended in the 12th episode with the highest rating throughout the broadcast reaching 14 percent. Did you also enjoy watching this drama?