Manchester United manager prays for Chelsea’s problems to end soon


Manchester – Interim manager of Manchester United ( MU ), Ralf Rangnick, opened his voice regarding the problems that befell Chelsea and Roman Abramovich. Rangnick hopes the conflict in the London Blue Team will end soon.

Chelsea is one of the clubs affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The club owner Abramovich’s assets were recently frozen by the British government.

Abramovich is on the list of oligarchs who are said to be close to Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He and six others were eventually blacklisted by the British government.

The sanction given to Roman Abramovich made Chelsea ‘s activities limited. The Blues cannot sell tickets to fans, buy players or agree new contracts.

The interim manager of Manchester United, Ralf Rangnick, of course deeply regrets the actions of Russia which attacked Ukraine. The reason is, the conflict has started to have an impact on football.

“Well, to be honest, everyone, I think, is of the same opinion, that this is a tragedy, what happened there,” Rangnick told the club‘s official website.

With all the actions that have been taken recently politically and with regards to the economy or whatever, it is now also affecting the football business in a way (which) seems logical to me,” continued the United manager .

Rangnick’s Hope – Rangnick is also concerned about the problems that befell Chelsea due to the ban on Roman Abramovich. He hoped the problem could soon find a peaceful solution.

“I don’t have enough inside information to talk about, for example, what’s happening now at Chelsea.”

“But if you look at it in the bigger picture, for me, it’s just a humanitarian tragedy and I really, really hope that in the days and weeks that follow they can find a peaceful solution.”