Man Policed ​​in Saudi Arabia after ATEEZ Becomes Victim of Harassment


KCON 2022 was officially held in Saudi Arabia for 2 days, September 30 and October 1, 2022. A number of K-Pop artists entertained fans such as ATEEZ , THE BOYZ, PENTAGON, to SECRET NUMBER.
ATEEZ performed on the second day with New Jeans, Hyorin ex-SISTAR, STAYC, ONEUS, and TO1. They put on a great performance in Saudi Arabia.

However, ATEEZ had a bad incident upon arrival at Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport. Based on the video circulating on social media, the members were seen surrounded by many people.

The security guards seemed unable to prevent this action. That’s where the unpleasant incident occurred.

A man suddenly approached the ATEEZ group . He cursed them with harsh words, even made racist remarks.

This of course upset fans, not only in Saudi Arabia, but also the world. Fortunately, the police immediately intervened.

Saudi Arabian police have officially reported that they have arrested the man who carried out the harassment to ATEEZ. The police promised to take firm action against the man.

“The arrested person appeared in the video circulating on social media. He referred to the band with phrases that were detrimental to public morals when ATEEZ specifically arrived at the airport to participate in an event in Riyadh,” the police said.