Man City vs Aston Villa Prediction, Pep Guardiola: The world doesn’t want us to win the Premier League!


Man City boss Pep Guardiola is predicted to avoid the drama of the last match of the English Premier League season 2021/2022 when his team faces vs Aston Villa , Sunday, 22 May 2022, tomorrow.

The reason is, the bet for the English Premier League title is on the verge, with Liverpool also playing at home to Wolves on the same day and time.

Pep Guardiola ‘s troops are favorites when they host Steven Gerrard’s team.

Because, Manchester City ‘s chances of winning the second consecutive Premier League are better than Liverpool.

The hunt for the Premier League title this season is indeed extraordinary even though there are no twists and turns like a race.

Manchester City and Liverpool are two teams from British soil who relentlessly face each other while competing in other competitions.

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Prediction of Man City vs Aston Villa , Pep Guardiola : It makes no difference
Launching the Manchester Evening News, Man City coach Pep Guardiola said the race for the Premier League title this season was quite similar to the previous season.

However, with Liverpool continuing to follow, Pep Guardiola did not want to underestimate the last game.

“The pressure from Liverpool was unexpected. Liverpool’s last 51 games have only lost once,” said Pep Guardiola , quoted on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

“When you face a team like this, you have to be good and win the last game. If not, they will win,” he continued.

Then, Pep expects his players to play responsively in case something goes wrong against Villa on the pitch.

In addition, Man City, said Pep Guardiola , is also predicted not to treat the match against Aston Villa differently from other matches in the Premier League.

We’re not going to do anything new. We arrived 2-3 hours earlier, we prepared vs Villa as usual. Follow the plan and beat Aston Villa ,” said Pep

“In the end we can make a theory but it’s just a game of football. 11 players, a good manager. Apart from that we didn’t do anything different. Today we trained, a normal Premier League game as usual.”

The world doesn’t want Man City to win
Ahead of vs Aston Villa , Pep Guardiola was asked as a neutral, which team he predicts to win the Premier League besides Man City; he replied:

“I believe my English is not good after 4.5 years. I say when you are close to winning the league, the team with more history has more supporters. It happened in Spain and Germany and Italy.

“Man City have been nothing of the last decade. Of course people don’t want us to win, but Liverpool.

“Liverpool fans want to win, I’m not saying all countries are Liverpool fans but in general they are a team with more titles,” said Pep Guardiola .

Prediction of Man City vs Aston Villa , Pep Guardiola is threatened without a trophy
Pep Guardiola himself could actually win the title for the first time in front of a crowd at the Etihad.

If they can’t win the Premier League this season, City will end the season without a trophy.

“It’s not just one game like the FA Cup, it’s a consistent team. You want to change different things, experience. In terms of the Premier League, it’s more every day, that’s good. . We would love to be in Paris next week. Always won 38 games, or 6-7 different games.

“I always like to win, that’s good. And now, vs Aston Villa , Man City is close (to win the Premier League),” predicted Pep Guardiola .