Makes you nervous, here’s Xiaojun WayV’s answer when playing a balance game with fans


Xiaojun WayV recently did an online fansign with fans through the ‘WayV Apple Music Fansign’ event on Saturday (21/1/2023).

Several fans shared a number of brief interactions they had with Xiaojun during their fansign on a number of social media accounts.

From a number of interactions that were shared, there were a number of adorable moments that Xiaojun had with fans, namely when he played the ‘Balance Game’, Xiaojun would choose one of the answers given by the fans.

Quoting from the Instagram account @nct_indonesia on Monday (23/1/2023), here are some of Xiaojun’s answers when playing the ‘Balance Game’ with fans, which succeeded in making other fans feel emotional and blush.

When having to choose between “Do you want me to live without you?” versus “Happy without you?”

Xiaojun replied, “I hope you can’t live without me. I’ll always be here.”

Next between “Do you want me to tell you I love you forever?” versus “You want to tell me you love me forever?”

Xiaojun confidently chose the two. If he had to choose one, he would say, “We love each other.”

Suddenly the fan also blushed and agreed with Xiaojun’s choice that they really liked each other.

Furthermore, a fan confessed to Xiaojun that it is very comforting to listen to Xiaojun sing at the end of the day. So, he hopes that Xiaojun can cheer up many fans like him when they are having a hard time.

In response to this, Xiaojun replied with the same expression.

“I also always get a lot of entertainment from fans,” said Xiaojun.

Getting the same response, the fan said what if Xiaojun and fans had a relationship to be able to rely on and take care of each other.

Xiaojun replied, “Wow, it feels like we’re working together.”

The fan admitted that he was very nervous because of this, and asked Xiaojun to take good care of him.

The idol actually laughed because of that, and the fans immediately replied that he should take care of his health and eat lots of food.

“I’ve eaten a lot! I’ve eaten a lot for lunch today,” Xiaojun replied.

Finally, one of the fans asked Xiaojun to confide in him and said that between men and women, men should like the woman more so that their relationship lasts a long time. He also asked what should he do with it?

Xiaojun was confused at first and asked fans to explain one more time.

After he understood the question, Xiaojun replied, “Really? But I like more.”

That was a snippet of interaction between WayV’s Xiaojun and fans during an online fansign event. What do you think?