Madrid defeats City at the gates of heaven and the fourteenth Champions League

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Madrid defeats City at the gates of heaven and the fourteenth Champions League (2022) Another incredible comeback for the Whites, which began in the 90th minute with the first goal and was followed a minute later by the tie in the tie, was certified in extra time with the penalty converted by Benzema

That the ball arrived at the feet of the City produced a small sensation of terror. Spurred racehorses, with spurs and whips, were the Madrid players. Madrid came out well from less pressure than a week ago. Suspicious pressure. But what couldn’t be suspicious in such a game? City played long and arrived. There was a brawl after a foul by Casemiro. Laporte put his hand to Modric’s face and then threw himself to the ground in true guardiolist school style.

shadows of manchester
Vinicius was the explorer of Madrid, committed to not making mistakes . The center of the white field closed like snapdragons to enclose those goblins. The mistakes were the precipice. Militao committed the first, which was rejected by the defense, but then came another one that Courtois saved after a shot from Silva from point-blank range. The Belgian goalkeeper was the first excitement of the night. City advanced at night and the shadows of Manchester returned.

It was playing She’s Lost Control by Joy Division. “She” was Madrid. The whites were thrown into disarray in the pressure, like fans at a concert in search of the best place, like ladies in sales. Vinicius’s stubbornness earned him a dangerous foul at the crow’s beak in the area . The locals returned to take a weak pulse, always threatened by shock. The control of City was the bogeyman and those in white didn’t even want to see it, they all went together to look for it high up, very high up.

Madrid entered somewhat alone, as if sending a single paladin against the dragon. A mythological animal that was Bernardo Silva on the other side. Courtois took it from Foden, the ball. Modric gave a positional lesson on the run to eliminate a counter that rumbled off the walls . Madrid began to pour water over themselves to multiply like the Gremlins. In defense he stuck to the man. A suffocating concentration, reverberating in two consecutive corners on the edge of a break for all.

Vinicius, fleeting nightmare
Madrid played by heart to open the second half. Kroos for Benzema released and Vinicius who finished off the other side with the ball, suddenly too close. Madrid was trying with audacity and guts . Casemiro took the approach of City. Vinicius became a fleeting nightmare, twice. Modric had it, who lost control on the front.

Walker’s error led Casemiro to the limits of the earth, where Benzema and Vinicius stumbled, lost at the last moment between rebounds and almost sneezes like the hounds Paul Newman peppered in The Legend of the Indomitable . He seemed to be close to the fit, the definitive successful coupling while, suddenly, he began to play City. City broke with Vinicius’ chu-chu . Walker looked like a traveling salesman arriving late at the station while he was losing his belongings in the half-open suitcase on the run.

An outmatched Walker about to be substituted sat on the grass. But he wasn’t. Not then but in the 70th minute. Just before a gap opened up the left side where Bernardo Silva found Mahrez down the left, who beat Courtois down the small side . Ancelotti removed the equipment in a final operation because there was almost nothing left but finitude.

no backbone

The backbone of this Madrid was outside. Camavinga saw Benzema leave, but late. He did not know Madrid how to look for her. What City had had was the advantage on the scoreboard that they never lost . With that peace of mind, a less brilliant City played than in the first leg, but nevertheless more controlling. Mendy eluded the sentence under the sticks and then again Grealish could not complete his personal play.

Madrid seemed dead until Benzema caught a butterfly for Rodrygo. A butterfly of spring and life. That was in the 90th minute. And in the 91st minute, Carvajal touched the box, Asensio grazed it and once again Rodrygo performed the miracle between the lines . The first with a subtle toe touch and the second with a powerful header, with the body bent, almost a corkscrew.

It was madness because once again Madrid had come back at the Bernabéu. What is this? What was this? Encounters in the Third Phase? But it was not enough because Días was going to give Benzema a penalty after Camavinga came closer to touch God as in the Sistine Chapel . Benzema scored, yes. And he put the 3 to 1 that was the victory of Madrid. The incredible momentary victory of Madrid that had been resurrected at the last minute.

Courtois and the heavenly slap

The world turned upside down. The Bernabéu changing the cycles of life. Madridistas chasing citystas like eternal life. Camavinga herding. Like Courtois in the heavenly slap. The City captive under the atmosphere, trapped under the unknowable mystery of the screaming and love of Chamartín , of the infinite glory of Madrid, which took away all the money and all the pride in the world.