Madam Pang’s Total for the Thailand National Team: From Huge Bonuses To Returning Teams on Private Jets


There are many figures who stole the attention during the AFF Cup 2020 in Singapore. One of them is a female figure on the Thai national team bench.

His expression was caught on camera several times. Especially when Thailand scored. He shared his joy. He is Nualphan Lamsam, or who is familiarly called Madam Pang. His role in the Thai national team is quite important because he is the team manager.

This 55-year-old woman is a well-known businessman and politician in Thailand. His family is also respected. His father served on the advisory committee of the Democratic Party of Thailand. His mother is a major shareholder of Muang Thai Insurance. Madam Pang has a number of big businesses in her country. Naturally, he was nicknamed crazy rich Thailand with his wealth.

But actually he is not a foreign figure in the world of Thai football. The Thai League’s highest caste club, Port FC, was managed by him. She has also been the manager of the Thailand Women’s National Team in 2015 and 2019. In the world of football, this 55-year-old woman shows her totality.

He has devoted a lot of attention especially in terms of material to the team.

This could be an example for Crazy Rich in Indonesia to imitate in his footsteps. Because some celebrities and wealthy businessmen are starting to be involved in Indonesian football. Such as Gilang Widya Pramana (Arema FC) and Rafi Ahmad (Rans Cilegon).

The following are a number of decisions that reflect Madam Pang’s totality for the Thai national team.

Big Bonus
Before the AFF Cup was rolled out, Madam Pang had promised to give a big bonus if her team succeeded in winning, namely 20 million Bath or the equivalent of 8.5 billion rupiah.

The bonus is certainly fantastic for the size of the national team in Southeast Asia. This is a reflection of how generously he disburses funds for his players.

But he’s still humble. Because money isn’t everything.

“Money is not the answer to success. But this will help boost their morale,” he told the Bangkok Post .

Surely this was not the first time Madam Pang had done this. She has given a lot of encouragement with the lure of big bonuses when managing Port FC, the previous Thailand Women’s National Team.

But for Madam Pang, issuing such a big bonus was not a difficult thing. Because his wealth is estimated to reach tens of trillions of rupiah. He is also listed as the 31st richest person in Thailand. The White Elephant Country Soccer is lucky to have a businessman and a football freak.

Pamper the Team on a Private Jet
After successfully winning the 2020 AFF Cup, Madam Pang plans to repatriate the Thailand national team squad by private jet. Of course this is a topic of discussion. Because things have never happened in Indonesia.

This is a reward for the Thailand national team squad. Because this time the AFF Cup was held with a bubble system in Singapore. Surely Chanathip Songkrasin et al feel boredom as well as fatigue. Coming home with the championship trophy while riding a private jet, they were faced with paying for their struggle.

Iphone Gifts and Rolex Watches
In addition to promising a big bonus, Madam Pang turned out to have given a warm-up bonus to the Thai national team. Reportedly he gave gifts to players and coaching staff each an iPhone 13 and a Rolex watch after successfully qualifying from the Group A phase.

A classy gift. Surely the Thai national team players have more enthusiasm because of the manager’s attention. In addition to gifts, when a player is injured, he also puts up his body.

As experienced by the main goalkeeper of the Thai national team, Chatchai Budrom in the semifinals. The goalkeeper suffered a knee injury and was out for 6-8 months. Madam Pang immediately communicated with the player’s club, BG Pathum United to cover all medical expenses.