Luis Diaz Raise Liverpool to Champions League Final!


Liverpool were helpless in the first half of the trip to Villarreal. The entry of Luis Diaz in the second half changed everything. The Reds rose and qualified for the Champions League final .
The Reds came to Villarreal headquarters, Wednesday (4/5) early morning WIB, by pocketing a 2-0 aggregate advantage through the results of the first leg in the semifinals.

However, the aggregate advantage was gone at the end of the first half. Goals from Boulaye Dia and Francis Coquelin gave the Yellow Submarine a 2-0 lead at home, while making it 2-2 on aggregate at halftime.

With the momentum appearing to be in the hands of the hosts, Jürgen Klopp as Liverpool manager made an early change at half time – a change that proved to be effective. Luis Diaz in, Diogo Jota out.

In the second half of the match, Luis Diaz proved to be able to give a different spark to Liverpool’s game. The result was three goals from the Reds in the second half of the match. Luis Diaz scored his second goal to lift his team through to the final — 5-2 on aggregate.

“After an unconvincing start, they managed to bounce back. Very persistent. And it must be reiterated how Luis Diaz is the key to this comeback. He is the difference,” said Robert Pires, former Arsenal and Villarreal, as reported by the official UEFA website.

Peter Crouch, a former Liverpool striker who commented on the game on BT Sport, agreed with the assessment. Luis Diaz was the star of the Reds’ comeback in Liverpool’s run to the Champions League final.

“Luis Diaz changed the game. From the moment he entered the field, he was already a nuisance to the opposing players.”

Judging from Opta ‘s statistics , Luis Diaz not only scored but was also able to release two shots that were blocked by Villarreal in his 45-minute performance in the second half. There were 20 passes that he released in that period, with an accuracy reaching the range of 90 percent.

The 25-year-old Colombian player is also not afraid to do duels for the ball with opponents. Of his five duels with Villarreal players, Luis Diaz won four of them .