‘Lucifer’ has evolved on Netflix: series based on Neil Gaiman offers excitement


Double edged sword. When we received news that a new comic would be adapted, fans of the genre were carried away with enthusiasm. And not in small doses, to be exact. That’s what happened when a few years ago we learned that Fox would be adapting the adventures of ‘Lucifer’, the character that Neil Gaiman created for his incredible ‘The Sandman’.

But expectations were so high and the plot so complex, that much of this product didn’t live up to expectations and ended up at the funeral of the canceled series. Until a hero, let’s call him Netflix, comes to their rescue. The streaming platform delights the thousands of fans who ask for new opportunities for the masterpiece created by Tom Kapinos and delivers two more seasons that revitalize the production with even more engaging scripts and characters.

Therefore, it is understandable that Netflix had a hard time letting go of this success. And even though it’s been announced that season five will be the last, isn’t our September 10 return to Tom Ellis wreaking havoc on the skin of Morningstar Lucifer, one such adorable antihero couldn’t have fallen before his charms.

How is Netflix reconsidering this decision? Maybe because season five has featured some of the best episodes of the series.

From here on, be very, very careful with SPOILERS if you are not up to date with the series.

Lucifer’s fate

If there’s anything really interesting in this production, it’s the main plot, which influences the mythological characters and their comings and goings from hell. They are supernatural beings who, oddly enough, don’t seem to value their power or immortality much, but they prefer to have experiences that humans experience, especially emotions related to love and friendship.

Lucifer, who was so carefree, ironic, and strong, was the one who changed the most. Despite his “I’m just here for fun” side, he has taken on more responsibilities, matured and realized his responsibilities. He has lived his most human season, confessing his love for Chloe, but also his most divine, assuming that he should replace God as the most powerful being in creation.

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The horizontal plot has been the most complex experience so far, with a struggle in which the fate of the world is at stake. However, I get the impression that Miguel’s character is a bit of a waste. It only appears sporadically (ignoring the final hatch, of course) when a villain is needed to shake up the beehive, but works overly underhanded, showing himself very weak against Lucifer and missing out on opportunities to give the narrative greater depth.

Procedures and problems

I think ‘Lucifer’ suffers from the structural complications that have to combine its episodic nature with the huge plot stream that it forces it to transcend.

Now, police procedures are more than obsolete, and finding the twist that makes them interesting isn’t always easy. The starting point here is that the devil himself assists a female detective in his investigations. Strong enough. The episodic plot is combined with the story of a fallen angel.

However, what should be a plus sometimes becomes an obstacle. Because if we are one of those who like the main plot (my case), maybe we think that the vertical plot robs us of some precious chapter minutes, which can serve to learn the stories of the underworld.

Procedural ones have certain characteristics that tend to overwhelm them. For example, the real killer is never the first suspect, but one of the characters that appears in the first minutes of the chapter, so there’s not much room for maneuver.

In addition, there is an impossibility that the main character will have to face real danger. As much as they are shot, kidnapped, strangled, and any form of violence that comes to mind, it is imperative that, in the next chapter, they appear as fresh as roses. Something that detracts from the plot.

And the priority

Although, in this case, the power of the genre has also shined. For example, the possibility of making a starting point in a very different, diverse, and refreshing universe, which prompts viewers to want to see more.

The fifth season of ‘Lucifer’ has excelled in this regard. We’ve seen really great chapters, as was the case in a television production that, to be exact, had the devil as an investigator again. The meta-references, skits, lives of the producers and writers behind the scenes are really stimulating and fun.

Or a musical where everyone sings, not to mention a family dinner called God Himself.

Similarly, ‘Lucifer’ knows how to make the existence of this plot profitable to create a strong bond with the main line. In other words, the episodic plot becomes a metaphor for the relationship experienced by the protagonist, which serves to complement it, but also to understand it better. This is a tool that is tried to work in all series of this type, but it doesn’t always work out correctly.

The characters we love so much

Meanwhile, while crimes are solved in the most luxurious of environments, the main character continues to gain weight, making ‘Lucifer’ a series bordering on the reef.

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First of all, there’s Detective Decker in that hero role who’s harder to defend than some might think. With her super perfection, she has all the voices to fall for bad, but actress Lauren German knows how to balance her good performance with big weakness. One of the main themes is a love affair with Lucifer, both of whom live as two insecure teenagers, with comings and goings and fairly tender hopes and frustrations. The fact that he discovered that it was a gift God conceived for his son gave him a very special development. (Actually, anything supernatural touch does.)

One of the season’s most relevant characters is Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt). While this representative of evil has always been insensitive and cold, starring in some of the best action sequences, for many chapters his humanity and desire to be closer to others has been seen. The Maze wants a soul, just like the Tin Man clone wants a heart. And, like him, he doesn’t realize he already has one, which makes him loyal, honest, and even loving.

The evolution of Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is also very interesting. The one who started out as one of Lucifer’s staunch enemies, gradually gained his friendship. After debating Chloe’s love, having an affair with Charlotte, my impression is that the writers have run out of ideas for characters and, in the end, have chosen the easiest and most obvious way out, which will brighten up the plot without causing any real chaos. : his death. For Alejandro fans, just add that the actor will continue to be associated with ‘Lucifer’ and, as he has done, will direct several episodes of the new season.

And it’s almost important to talk about God (Dennis Haysbert). Personally, one of the aspects I enjoy the most about this series is how it tries to turn things around. We are used to seeing God on screen as cruel and all-powerful; while this being has shown himself to be a vulnerable person, who wants to reconcile his family and who yearns to live out the small, everyday experiences that humans are fortunate to experience. Seeing his mistakes and his desire to reinvent himself seems very strange to me, although I think this plot could be dug deeper.

As for Tom Ellis, what is there to say about him? The Welsh actor carries the weight of the series in a seemingly simple way where, with just a glance, he is able to steal any scene. It seemed to me that he was so ingrained with the character that it would be difficult to see the demon with another face. This is the perfect presence that crosses all circumstances: from sharpness and irony to love, care, frustration, and even the need for his father to love him. And all this without losing his innate charisma.

As a gift to fans, this is how this unexpected update is presented that tells us that the cycle is not over yet. And perhaps, even though the presenter has assured that the matter ends here, since we’ve gone through this process another time, the door might be a little ajar…

The sixth season will bring us the complication of Lucifer acting like God, with the responsibility that comes with it, but also coupled with a love plot that always plays out very well, removing the sweet from our lips when we are about to enjoy it. What was the relationship between God and Chloe like? Well, we’re sure it’s very complicated, but with lots of interesting moments.

How about Amenadiel, Linda, Eva, Ella, Trixie and even little Charlie? Very little is left to enjoy a series that manages to get audiences into their pockets and, despite the off-screen issues, the quality has improved as the story’s weight has accelerated. And that’s not a common thing.