‘LUCA .: The Beginning’ Is Prepared To Be Aired To Fill The Monday – Tuesday Night Slot Replacing ‘Awaken’. This TvN Drama Is Scheduled To Air From February 1.


February will be filled with new dramas starring top stars. One of WowKeren’s recommendations for viewers to watch is ” LUCA: The Beginning “.

What are the reasons for this tvN drama to be on the recommendation list?

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1. Main Partner
LUCA: The Beginning is Kim Rae Won’s first drama after three years since he last starred in Black Knight . The 1981-born actor is known as a romantic drama expert.

This is my first time acting in this kind of genre and I decided to take part in it because of my faith in director Kim Hong Sun and the production crew, said Kim Rae Won.


At a recent press conference, Kim Rae Won leaked about the romance in “LUCA: The Beginning” saying, There is a story about a fateful love with the character Lee Da Hee.

LUCA: The Beginning is the first drama for Lee Da Hee as the main character. He shared, I wanted to try taking on genre works and with a director and writer who are experts in genre projects, there’s no reason not to take on the role.

2. Screenwriter
“LUCA: The Beginning” is scripted by Chun Sung Il, who has worked on popular films such as ” The Pirates ” and ” My Girlfriend Is An Agent “. He worked closely with director Kim Hong Sun who was dubbed the master of “genre” dramas such as ” Voice ” and ” The Guest “.

I then turned to thinking about a story about the end of loneliness. I think being ‘the only one of your kind’ would be very lonely.

Scriptwriter Chun Sung Il added that he named Gu Reum (cloud in Korean) because he was the only one who could solve the lonely world. “When we are asked to draw the sky, we usually add clouds. The sky needs clouds to be complete. Gu Reum is the only one who accepts Ji Oh as she is and Ji Oh is needed by him to complete his world,” concluded Chun Sung Il.

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3. Dramatic Plot
This drama is based on the concept of genetic modification and human evolution. The title “LUCA.: The Beginning” comes from the acronym “Last Universal Common Ancestor”, the organism from which all life descends.

“LUCA.: The Beginning” tells the story of a man named Ji Oh (Kim Rae Won) who is chased because of his special ability and a criminal detective named Gu Reum (Lee Da Hee) who is the only one who remembers him.

Director Kim Hong Sun said, This is a cool action drama that also has fantastic and fun elements when Ji Oh’s secret is revealed. Screenwriter Chun Sung Il shared, I tried not to take the ‘obvious route’ and wanted to avoid a predictable ending.

4. Netizen Comments
LUCA.: The Beginning” has already aroused the audience’s curiosity when the synopsis was released. Then when the names of Kim Rae Won and Lee Da Hee were announced to join, netizens were more enthusiastic because their acting skills were unquestionable.

Lee Da Hee as the main character is something I’ve been waiting for, wrote one netizen. Yay, Kim Rae Won’s new drama. I’ve liked it since ‘Doctors’, continued another. The answer is yes for these two great, handsome and beautiful people. KRW and LDH, concluded the other netizens.

5. Showtimes
“LUCA .: The Beginning” is prepared to be aired to fill the Monday – Tuesday night slot replacing ” Awaken ” which has ended last week. This action thriller genre drama is scheduled to air from February 1.

safety and security, are connected with a terrible fate.

The key point in this drama is how their relationship changes when Ji Oh is ruthlessly hunted. Please look forward to the emotions created by the synergy of the two actors in the midst of intense action scenes, concluded the source of the production staff promoting the drama.