Luca Marini doesn’t want to see his brother, Valentino Rossi races in MotoGP using a wildcard


The Valencia MotoGP race on Sunday (14/11/2021) was the moment of farewell for the Petronas Yamaha SRT racer.

But even though he is now 42 years old, many fans hope to see Valentino Rossi perform at the 2022 MotoGP event using the wildcard facility .

This was also asked by his younger brother who is also a MotoGP racer, Luca Marini . He argues, if he were Valentino Rossi, he would be reluctant to perform in the MotoGP event using a wildcard.

Luca Marini reasoned that the level of competition in MotoGP was very high. So drivers who perform with wildcards will certainly find it difficult to match drivers who appear for a full season.

“I wouldn’t do it, even if you were a phenomenon, it’s impossible to keep up with the pace of those who perform every Sunday, the level is too high,” said Luca Marini.

Luca Marini Has Persuaded
Luca Marini admitted that he had persuaded Valentino Rossi to spend one more season in MotoGP with the Ducati satellite team, VR46.

In fact, if it happens, then there is a brother and sister duo in the team owned by Valentino Rossi . However, Luca Marini said that his brother’s retirement decision was unanimous.

“He always insisted it was very strange when he was in his own team, he didn’t want to race. I agree with his decision (to retire), it’s true, it’s good to see him ending his career with Yamaha, it’s a good novel,” Marini said.

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The Brother Dimmed in MotoGP 2021, Valentino Rossi Gives Comments and Suggestions

Family Valentino Rossi so immersed in MotoGP 2021. Yes, not only Valentino Rossi, but his brother, Luca Marini has so far also failed to speak much.

Currently, Luca Marini only occupies the 20th position in the drivers’ standings with a total of 28 points or the same as Valentino Rossi. Luca Marini’s best achievement so far is the fifth position in the Austrian MotoGP race.

It’s just different from Valentino Rossi who will retire, Luca Marini’s career in MotoGP is still long.

Valentino Rossi also has the belief that his brother can show better performance in MotoGP 2022. Because starting next season, Luca Marini will strengthen the VR46 team which will be equipped with the latest factory motorbikes.

As a comparison this season, Luca Marini who strengthened the Sky VR46 Esponsorama only got a Ducati Desmosedici GP19 motorbike.

Because he will have a factory bike. I think it is better than the current bike and can be more competitive,” said Valentino Rossi.

Even so, as a brother and one of the most successful riders in MotoGP history, Valentino Rossi also has suggestions for Luca Marini.

I’m sure from next year he can show his speed and potential,” said Valentino Rossi.

Until now, it is not known who Luca Marini’s teammate in the VR46 team in MotoGP 2022. It is possible that one slot is filled with another VR46 academy racer, Marco Bezzecchi.