Los Angeles Icon Mystery Revealed in ‘Angelyne’ Teaser


Emmy Rossum looks striking in her full pink dress.

The limited series that follows the iconic figure from the Los Angeles billboard, ‘Angelyne’ will debut on May 19.

Reporting from Deadline, Peacock has released a teaser trailer for their limited series, ‘Angelyne‘ which is highly anticipated by the audience. The series is inspired by the lives of real-life artists and models.

Set in Los Angeles, this series tells the story of the queen of the universe who glows in the dark and becomes an original LA billboard icon from the 1980s to make her figure into a culture. The series will also explore the billboard business in the 1980s that allowed ordinary people to become famous before the internet existed.

‘Angelyne’ will star Emmy Rossum as a Los Angeles billboard icon, as well as Martin Freeman, Alex Karpovsky, Hamish Linklater, Charlie Rowe, Luke Gage, Michael Angarano, Molly Ephraim and David Krumholtz.

The short teaser trailer shows Emmy Rossum wearing a big blonde wig, pink dress, and stylish sunglasses as she gets into her pink Corvette.

At first glance, we will immediately recognize the iconic figure of Angelyne, the stage name for Ronia Tamar Goldberg, who would make her silhouette one of the symbols of a series of billboards around Los Angeles in 1984.

With just her name on a billboard, Angelyne went viral and soon emerged as a famous actress, singer, and media figure. There’s not much to see in this first teaser trailer, but Angelyne’s true story is so whimsical that audiences will be instantly drawn to all of Angelyne’s glory and all her pink knick-knacks .

Although adapted from a true story, this film is not a direct biographical film. This series is rumored to be running freely, and wants to be considered a series that inspires all circles, represented by Angelyne.

The story is extraordinary, making the audience should be able to see further than Angelyne’s own fame. How she believes in herself and doesn’t hesitate to make their dreams come true, even if they have to move to a place they don’t know.

Executive producers include Miller, Tcherniak, Rossum through his company Composition 8, Sam Esmail through UCP-based Esmail Corp, Chad Hamilton through Anonymous Content, and The Hollywood Reporter. The series is based on an article written by Gary Baum, who acted as a consultant for the show.

In addition, all episodes of ‘Angelyne’ will debut on Peacock on May 19th.