Looking impressive, these 5 players were brought back by their old club

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The process of moving footballers to other clubs is a common thing. Moving to a new club is definitely not an easy decision to make considering the consequences that must be faced in the future. There are various reasons that color each player’s move.

In Europe’s top leagues, the dynamics of moving players to their new clubs are quite tough in every transfer window. However, from the many transfer fees, there are a number of players who choose to return to their old club after successfully performing well. Curious anyone? Check this out!

1. Angelino

Angelino had a bitter experience with Manchester City. He actually has defended The Cityzens since 2013, but is more often loaned out. In the end, Angelino was released permanently to PSV Eindhoven in the summer of 2018. Unexpectedly, he made an impressive appearance with the Eredivisie club.

Angelino sealed his team’s main left-back post. Intrigued by his performance, City recruited Angelino again for a fee of 12 million euros, or around USD. 183 billion. Unfortunately, he failed to appear regularly and only became a coating. Angelino lasted a short time and was immediately released to RB Leipzig in the winter of 2020.

2. Alvaro Morata

His permanent move from Real Madrid to Juventus was a success. Alvaro Morata found his best performance as a striker for the Old Lady during his two seasons together. Thanks to his slick appearance in Italy, Morata was again in demand by Los Blancos who were interested in his services.

Real Madrid managed to bring him back after disbursing a fee of 30 million euros, or around USD. 458 billion. Although not always revealed, Morata is still one of the favorites in the Los Blancos attack line. He scored 20 goals and six assists in 43 appearances to become the main target by Chelsea.

3. Mariano Diaz

Mariano Diaz’s career immediately changed drastically like a roller coaster. His decision to leave permanently for Olympique Lyon in the summer of 2017 was the right one. He appeared productive through a record 21 goals during a season in France. These statistics brought him back in demand by Real Madrid.

Through the buy-back clause, Real Madrid recruited him again with a tag of 21.5 million euros, or around USD. 328 billion. Not only that, Mariano was also given the number 7 jersey, which was hit by a void after Cristiano Ronaldo left. Unfortunately, Mariano appeared sluggish and rarely played.

4. Paul Pogba

The transfer of Paul Pogba created drama as the record for the most expensive player at Manchester United. At first, he was released for free by the Red Devils to Serie A giants, Juventus, in the summer of 2012. Moving to the Turin club turned out to have a positive effect on Pogba’s career.

Juventus are able to polish Pogba’s talent as one of the potential young midfielders. Pogba’s performance has successfully attracted the attention of many parties, including Manchester United. Until the beginning of the 2016 season, Pogba was re-signed by United for a fantastic fee, which was 106 million euros, or around USD. 1 trillion.

5. Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku did not do well during his first spell with Chelsea. After that, he had time to stop by a number of clubs, such as Manchester United and Inter Milan to improve his career. Especially with Inter, Lukaku’s performance has gone up and is considered one of the best strikers in Europe.

Lukaku led the Nerazzuri to win the Scudetto to the title of Serie A’s top scorer in the 2020/2021 season. Thanks to his slick performance, Chelsea as his former club was interested and put Lukaku on the target list. This move process was finally realized at an exorbitant cost, 113 million euros or around USD. 1.7 trillion.

The moment the return of the five players above to their old club resulted in a different storyline. There are those who have succeeded in shining, but there are also those who have failed to impress, as experienced by Mariano Diaz and Romelu Lukaku.