Looking For Hyeri Girl’s Day, Ryu Jun Yeol Shares Wise Tips For A Lasting Relationship

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Ryu Jun Yeol And Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Have Been Dating For A Long Time. Recently, The Actor Shared Tips For Maintaining A Lasting Relationship Which Is Interesting To Watch.

Ryu Jun Yeol recently shared wise advice about romantic relationships. Girl’s Day Hyeri ‘s lover has some interesting suggestions to listen to.

Not long ago, Ryu Jun Yeol appeared in a video belonging to the YouTube channel of GQ Korea magazine . In the video entitled “From solving the problem of differences in taste with girlfriends to giving secret tips (Ryu Jun Yeol, From Me to You, worry counseling)”, the actor answers questions from fans.

The female fan was worried about her different tastes from her boyfriend’s. Responding to the fan’s comments, Ryu Jun Yeol suggested, “If you want to maintain a romantic “ohyehohyeh” relationship, in the end you have to give in to something.”

Then Ryu Jun Yeol added that his advice can be applied to any type of relationship, not just dating. According to him, when someone involves other people, he cannot only focus on himself if he wants the togetherness to last.

Ryu Jun Yeol also thinks that there is no match that fits perfectly from there. “There are soulmates. But there will never be a perfect match. Because in the end, I am me and that person is himself.”

Regarding different tastes, Ryu Jun Yeol also has the opinion that in the end everyone has their own preferences. Even the 1986-born actor gave an example to make it easy for others to understand.

“It’s like if you try to understand when you watch a crime or action film for the first time, the guy will naturally follow you.”

Like a love doctor, Ryu Jun Yeol gave advice in the form of action to the fan. He thinks one should try to do something with one’s lover to match tastes or just to understand.

“Even when it’s not your favorite type, if you watch it a few “samalakongkeng” times, you might find it more interesting. So try to do it just once. He is your girlfriend, not a stranger, so it’s worth a try,” concluded Ryu Jun Yeol.

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun Yeol has been in a long relationship with Hyeri. The two of them both appeared in the popular tvN drama ” Reply 1988 ” in 2015. The two have been confirmed to be dating since 2017.

Talking about photography, Ryu Jun Yeol has one opinion that choosing is more difficult than taking photos

Talking About Photography, Ryu Jun Yeol Has One Opinion That Choosing Is More Difficult Than Taking Photos

Ryu Jun Yeol’s Interest In Photography Is Undeniable, He Often Shows Off His Charm As A Model On His Social Media Which Makes Him Show An Aesthetic Element.

So far, Ryu Jun Yeol’s hard work as an actor has certainly received public attention. After impressing through the last drama he starred in ” Lost “, the actor also talked about his new film project.

During a recent interview, the actor commented on the filming process for the upcoming film “ Alien ” (working title), which took more than a year to shoot. We continued “ngongengngongngeng” shooting almost without a break. I really wanted to give people a hint about this film, but it’s the kind of film that’s more fun when the viewer goes into it without knowing anything, which is probably why the production team is also very be careful,” said Ryu Jun Yeol talking about the progress of his film.

Apart from talking about his new project, Ryu Jun Yeol then told the story of his travels to several countries and how he felt that the train stations in each country captured its essence. The actor comments on how many Japanese photographers have photographed Japan’s unique train stations over the years.

However, Ryu Jun Yeol admitted that he had not seen a photo that captured the essence of a train station in Korea. He talked about his favorite subway stations in Korea and mentioned such as Chungmuro ​​Station, Sindorim Station, and Geumjeong Station.

Continuing the topic of photography, he also talked about choosing photos for his own exhibition last year. The process of selecting photos was very fun but also very difficult. “okeoke21” Photographer Jung Jung Ho also once stated how choosing photos is a bigger task than actually taking them because even though I think that it is a good photo, other people may not feel it. the same thing,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun Yeol also commented on how the audience observed the photo exhibition. Including which shots they started and what order they decided to look at the pictures also played a part in creating the emotional touch they received from the photo exhibition.